OpTic Gaming’s New Call of Duty Roster Displays Incredible Team Communication During an In-Game Listen-In

Albert Petrosyan

The CWL Pro League had a little more hype than usual surrounding it on May 29th as Division B kicked off their Day One of action.

The extra excitement was, of course, for OpTic Gaming, one of the eight Division B teams participating in Stage 2 of the Pro League.

Coming off one of the most publicized set of roster moves in Call of Duty esports history, OpTic fielded a new roster in an official CoD competition for the first time in over three years.

The two newcomers Sam ‘Octane’ Larew and Anthony ‘Zinni’ Methodz featured alongside two of the organization’s greatest and longtime players, Seth ‘Scump’ Abner and Ian ‘Crimsix’ Porter.

The competitive CoD community waited in anticipation to see the Green Wall’s new look squad in action, which first came against the the European side UNILAD Esports.

Despite playing together as a squad for the first time at an official event, the players showed no signs of unfamiliarity or hesitation as they collectively dismantled UNILAD 3-1.

Fans were given a behind-the-scenes glimpse of the new team as the CWL broadcast tuned in for an in-game listen-in with OpTic during the Game 1 Hardpoint on London Docks.

The team’s communication was nearly flawless; they rapidly called out various positions and strategies without skipping a beat, which translated to a strong and victorious performance in-game.

It appears that the players have put in a healthy dose of practice together, which Green Wall fans will love to see, considering that that the previous roster allegedly imploded because several of the players were skipping practice.

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