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CWL Vegas: OpTic Karma’s clutch stops insane eU comeback

Published: 9/Dec/2018 19:40 Updated: 9/Dec/2018 20:01

by Vincent Genova


It is early on Championship Sunday, but OpTic and eUnited have already produced a map for the ages.

Down over 100 points with OpTic only needing a few more seconds to win the map, eU made a furious comeback.

They held almost the full time of the next two hills and rotated to the third, setting up a victory and a miraculous turn of events.

All of the action was too much for caster Benson to handle, his voice getting destroyed by eUnited’s play.

But OpTic Gaming’s Karma has all of those rings for a reason and the veteran answered back with an unbelievable clutch to set up one of the greatest competitive CoD clips you will see. RIP Benson’s voice.


Karma’s stun grenade caught multiple eU members and he picked up a clutch two-piece to prevent the map loss, then Crimsix won it for OpTic with a triple kill.

Benson was in disbelief at the roller coaster of an OpTic blowout to an eU comeback to a Karma/Crim clutch and will be needing some tea later.

This is a tournament you will surely not want to miss the end of, you can catch the remaining action over on Dexerto’s CWL Vegas Event Hub.