LG’s John suffers major glitches during crucial match vs OpTic Gaming at CWL Vegas

Calum Patterson. Last updated: Dec 09, 2018

Luminosity star Johnathon ‘John’ Perez has claimed he suffered an “unacceptable” number of glitches during the team’s Winners Round 1 match vs OpTic Gaming, which they lost 3-0.

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The 2016 World Champion MVP took to Twitter following their defeat, pointing out that he’s not typically the type “to bitch on twitter”, but with the importance of the first event being so high, felt it was necessary to bring attention to the issues.

Not only did he suffer multiple glitches, he also experienced them in every round of the Search and Destroy game, which OpTic win in a convincing 6-0.

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John goes on to explain a total of three separate glitches which affected him, the first being his trophy system randomly disappearing from his class setup.

“We would start a round in SnD and you can clearly see I have a damn trophy. I know sometimes the game bugs & when the next round start it shows you have a trophy but sometimes randomly would disappear at the beginning of a round. Bullshit but we know this happens…..”

One example of this happening can perhaps be seen at the start of the third round. Indicated by the small hexagon next to John’s player card, you can see that he spawns in with full equipment charge, but this randomly reverts to zero equipment charge.

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John’s second complain was that his Tactical Mask perk was not working properly, with him being affected by stun grenades as normal, stunned for six seconds rather than the one second which tac mask should reduce it to.

There is very compelling evidence of the glitch taking place in the second round of the match, where John has tac mask equipped but is affected by the stun grenade for at least five seconds, before being taken out.

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John and the rest of LG now drop down to the losers bracket and will have to fight their way through a gruelling run of matches with no more second chances. They will face 100 Thieves to guarantee top 8.

These glitches are major, but OpTic’s match performance was dominant nonetheless, and still look like the team to beat on championship Sunday.