Nifty CoD Zombies trick gives players infinite max ammo on Zombies Chronicles map

Jaret Kappelman
Nifty CoD Zombies trick gives players infinite max ammo on Zombies Chronicles map

Even though Call of Duty Black Ops 3 Zombies Chronicles was released nearly five years ago, players have just now discovered a useful trick to get infinite max ammo drops.

While Vanguard Zombies continues to disappoint the community, players find themselves back on Black Ops 3.

Here, players have access to 13 different maps thanks to the release of Zombies Chronicles, which brought back eight classic maps.

Despite, the map Shangri-La being over a decade old, people have just now discovered a trick that will prevent you from running out of ammo.

Shangri-la Zombies
Shangri-La was released in Zombies Chronicles in 2017 but new tricks are still being found.

Zombies players find trick on Shangri-La for unlimited max ammo 

For this infinite ammo trick, we need to load into one of Zombies’ most complex maps of all time, Shangri-La.

A Reddit clip, posted by ‘I_Play_Zetsubou’ displays exactly what to do in order to receive unlimited max ammo drops on the map.

This mechanic works when players have acquired the Widow’s Wine perk, which can be found in the mines or through Gobblegums.

Shangri-La is home to the annoying Zombie Monkeys which come at random times whenever there is a drop on the map. They steal the drop and cycle through different ones it can be. If you kill them before it gets away then you will be rewarded with whatever drop it was on.

Monkeys Zombies
You need to get the monkeys to steal your Widow’s Wine drop to get a max ammo.

Here are the full steps to get the max ammo drops:

  1. Get Widow’s Wine on Shangri-La.
  2. Kill zombies until the Widow’s Wine grenade refill drop appears.
  3. Let a Zombie Monkey steal the Widow’s Wine grenade drop.
  4. Kill the Zombies Monkey when it has cycled over the max ammo.
  5. Repeat over and over.

This can be extremely useful for players that are trying to go for high-round gameplay or those that simply just need ammo.

Even though this version of the map has been out since 2017, one Redditor, along with others, didn’t know this was a thing. “I never would have noticed till you posted this.”

So if you’re part of the player base that is sitting out on Vanguard Zombies and going back to previous titles, then definitely take advantage of this trick next time you load into Shangri-La.