NICKMERCS claims Stoner 63 Warzone loadout is better than PKM

. 1 year ago
Stoner 63
Activision / NICKMERCS (YouTube)

The Stoner 63 is one of the most viable LMGs in Warzone thanks to its decent accuracy and high damage. NICKMERCS thinks he’s found the perfect combination of attachments to make this gun hit as hard as possible. 

While Warzone is often dominated by assault rifles and SMGs, there have been times where the game’s LMGs have become the go-to weapons. While the likes of the Bruen and PKM have dropped in popularity, Call of Duty content creator Nick ‘NICKMERCS’ Kolcheff believes the Stoner 63 is a decent contender for the LMG crown. 

Black Ops Cold War guns have often struggled to compete with Modern Warfare’s loadouts, but with the right attachments, the Stoner 63 can dish out some truly dizzying damage. Unlike the M60 and RPD, this LMG is pretty accurate and can deliver the precision needed to secure those all-important ranged kills. 

NICKMERCS’ Stoner 63 Warzone loadout

Stoner 63
Activision / NICKMERCS (YouTube)
This Stoner 63 loadout really packs a punch.
  • Muzzle: Agency Suppressor
  • Barrel: 17.8” Cavalry Lancer
  • Optic: Axial Arms 3x
  • Underbarrel: Field Agent Grip
  • Ammunition: 120 Rnd

Nick’s Stoner 63 class is tailored towards increasing the LMG’s accuracy and damage, while also bolstering its range potential – an area many Cold War guns have struggled to compete in. First up is the Agency Suppressor, which gives the Stoner 63 increased damage range and sound suppression. 

Of course, this increased range will mean nothing if you can’t actually hit your targets. Fortunately, Nick has equipped the Field Agent Foregrip to help control the Stoner 63’s vertical recoil. Those of you who have used the Stoner 63 will know just how potent the vertical kick can be, so having any attachments that reduce recoil are a must.

Perhaps the most interesting choice here is the 17.8” Cavalry Lancer. This barrel may state that it simply increases vehicle damage, but it actually drastically improves the Stoner 63’s bullet velocity. Not only does this make it easier to hit mid to long-range targets, it also decreases the weapon’s time to kill. 

Lastly, rounding things off at the bottom of the list are the Axial Arms 3x and 120 Rnd mags. The Axial Arms 3x is one of the cleanest Black Ops Cold War sights in the game, enabling you to easily kill targets across all engagement ranges. 

Meanwhile, the 120 Rnd magazine gives you enough ammo to grab those game-winning squad wipes. It’s certainly not hard to see why NICKMERCS secured a 24-kill game with this loadout, so give the Stoner 63  it a go yourself.

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