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NICKMERCS claims Stoner 63 Warzone loadout is better than PKM

Published: 28/Jan/2021 10:53

by James Busby


The Stoner 63 is one of the most viable LMGs in Warzone thanks to its decent accuracy and high damage. NICKMERCS thinks he’s found the perfect combination of attachments to make this gun hit as hard as possible. 

While Warzone is often dominated by assault rifles and SMGs, there have been times where the game’s LMGs have become the go-to weapons. While the likes of the Bruen and PKM have dropped in popularity, Call of Duty content creator Nick ‘NICKMERCS’ Kolcheff believes the Stoner 63 is a decent contender for the LMG crown. 

Black Ops Cold War guns have often struggled to compete with Modern Warfare’s loadouts, but with the right attachments, the Stoner 63 can dish out some truly dizzying damage. Unlike the M60 and RPD, this LMG is pretty accurate and can deliver the precision needed to secure those all-important ranged kills. 

NICKMERCS’ Stoner 63 Warzone loadout

Stoner 63
Activision / NICKMERCS (YouTube)
This Stoner 63 loadout really packs a punch.
  • Muzzle: Agency Suppressor
  • Barrel: 17.8” Cavalry Lancer
  • Optic: Axial Arms 3x
  • Underbarrel: Field Agent Grip
  • Ammunition: 120 Rnd

Nick’s Stoner 63 class is tailored towards increasing the LMG’s accuracy and damage, while also bolstering its range potential – an area many Cold War guns have struggled to compete in. First up is the Agency Suppressor, which gives the Stoner 63 increased damage range and sound suppression. 

Of course, this increased range will mean nothing if you can’t actually hit your targets. Fortunately, Nick has equipped the Field Agent Foregrip to help control the Stoner 63’s vertical recoil. Those of you who have used the Stoner 63 will know just how potent the vertical kick can be, so having any attachments that reduce recoil are a must.

Perhaps the most interesting choice here is the 17.8” Cavalry Lancer. This barrel may state that it simply increases vehicle damage, but it actually drastically improves the Stoner 63’s bullet velocity. Not only does this make it easier to hit mid to long-range targets, it also decreases the weapon’s time to kill. 

Lastly, rounding things off at the bottom of the list are the Axial Arms 3x and 120 Rnd mags. The Axial Arms 3x is one of the cleanest Black Ops Cold War sights in the game, enabling you to easily kill targets across all engagement ranges. 

Meanwhile, the 120 Rnd magazine gives you enough ammo to grab those game-winning squad wipes. It’s certainly not hard to see why NICKMERCS secured a 24-kill game with this loadout, so give the Stoner 63  it a go yourself.

Call of Duty

Why Clayster flipped off CDL on-broadcast during Royal Ravens matchup

Published: 24/Feb/2021 4:13 Updated: 24/Feb/2021 4:14

by Brad Norton


James ‘Clayster’ Eubanks flipped the bird to the Call of Duty League moments before the New York Subliners took on the Royal Ravens. Here’s why the veteran was all too frustrated before his latest matchup.

As players got settled into the lobby for the second week of CDL action in 2021, something clearly ticked off NYSL. There was visible frustration from the players before they kicked off the opening map.

Coming off a difficult 0-3 loss to the Los Angeles Thieves a week prior, the lineup was looking to rebound with a bang. Before they got their boots on the ground, however, a key moment from the previous week was broadcast for the world to see.

The CDL stream revealed Clayster’s heated comms after the disappointing loss. This private matter shouldn’t have been aired at all, according to Clay, let alone moments before their next match.

So, he took out his frustration the only way he could: flipping the bird on-stream.

“I had complained last time about showing my cam when I was super upset with my team,” he explained. “So I was pretty upset with them airing my after-match comms.”

Despite the 0-3 scoreline, NYSL’s series against the LA Thieves was one of the closest all week. The Hardpoint came within nine points, SnD went to a round 11, and Control went the distance as well.

Understandably, Clayster was fairly heated after the extremely close series that very well could have been a 3-0 in their favor.

“That was really bad guys,” he said in the now-public aftermath. “I don’t know what the f*** I watched. That was so stupid. We’re up 5-3 in the Search and we can’t close it out?”

This moment was captured on the broadcast last week but the comms were only just revealed today. Frustrated with the CDL running it without permission, Clayster stuck his middle finger up the next time his camera was on-stream.

“It was basically a nice little screw you before the match,” he said.

“I don’t appreciate that. I’m going to be having a talk with the league. If they’re going to make us sit here, I think it’s a little unprofessional to use the comms in the video. Especially right before we play a match.”

The NYSL vs Royal Ravens series begins at the 1:31:50 mark below.

While the video could have brought the team down, they didn’t let it get to them. NYSL dominated the Royal Ravens to rebound with a lopsided 3-0 win in Week 2.

If the League does try to punish Clayster, it looks like he’ll be alright: the official Subliners account tweeted “we’ll pay his fine” in response to the situation.