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NICKMERCS picks top 3 changes Warzone desperately needs

Published: 27/Jul/2021 10:21

by James Busby


Call of Duty content creator Nick ‘NICKMERCS’ Kolcheff has outlined everything Warzone needs to fix to be great again. 

Warzone certainly has its fair share of problems. From the constant onslaught of cheaters to weird and whacky exploits, there’s always something that troubles the game. Despite the positivity surrounding the game’s current weapon balancing, Warzone continues to be filled with all kinds of problems. 

In fact, it’s become increasingly difficult to join a lobby that isn’t filled with hackers or those that are abusing various glitches. While Activision has been banning accounts and targeting cheat websites, the developers have yet to really address the current health of the BR titles. This has led to many players ditching the game altogether in favor of other FPS titles like Apex Legends and Fortnite


The current state of Warzone may not be particularly great right now, but NICKMERCS believes Activision can fix many of these issues. Aside from the plea for a better anti-cheat system, Nick outlined the top three things he’d like to see added to Warzone in the future. 

NICKMERCS’ Warzone wishlist

Nakatomi Plaza
Nakatomi Plaza is one of the biggest POI updates to come to Warzone.

“I think we need a brand new map, we need a change from Verdansk. I think it was a swing and a miss,” says Nick. “I thought at first that it might have some sauce, some flavor…but ultimately, I don’t think we’re messing with this stuff. I want an island theme with beaches, ocean, palm trees, and jungle. That’s what I want.”


While Verdanks ‘84 added new POIs like Plaza, the changes weren’t as big as most players were hoping for. The vast majority of BR titles have numerous maps that are rotated between or constantly altered, but Warzone has yet to really wow fans with any significant changes. 

“Next up, we need a FOV slider on console,” says Nick. This has been a huge problem since Warzone’s release, with many fans frustrated by the unfair advantage PC has over their console competitors. After all, being able to see more of your surroundings is huge in any FPS game. 

“Every day, I get people in my Twitch chat complaining about not having a FOV slider. It’s been something that everyone’s been wanting for a long time,” says Nick. “You’ve got to hook these console guys up, they’re already down bad with the FPS.”


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While the base Xbox One and PS4 models may struggle, the Xbox Series and PS5 definitely have enough power to warrant the addition of a FOV slider. This addition could go a long way in bridging the gap between PC and console players. 

“The last thing is [Raven Software] need to be quicker to fix bugs and broken in-game glitches,” says Nick. “These things can’t go on for weeks and months. They can’t happen, get fixed, then happen again. They need to get on top of this stuff, I don’t know who runs the ship over there, but we’re about to hit an iceberg.” 


Nick’s certainly right to be frustrated by this ongoing issue. The invisibility glitch and notorious stim glitch are just two examples of persistent bugs that always seem to come scurrying back. 

Whether Nick’s wishlist will come true remains to be seen, but for now, it looks like Warzone has a lot of issues that need to be addressed if it wishes to survive against the competition.