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NICKMERCS claims Warzone’s old map is “way better” than Verdansk ’84

Published: 12/Jul/2021 10:31

by Connor Bennett


Streaming star Nick ‘NICKMERCS’ Kolcheff believes Warzone’s old Verdansk map is better than the new version, and it’s not just because of nostalgia either.

When Warzone first launched with Verdansk as its only map, players continually questioned the devs as to when they’d get a new map, and if Verdansk would undergo constant changes as we’ve seen from other battle royales.

Over time, the classic map underwent plenty of changes with new POI’s cropping up every so often, but it’s now been replaced by Verdansk 1984 and apparently won’t be returning at any point.


While Verdansk ’84 created plenty of excitement at first, many players have since switched and made Rebirth Island their go-to map, either because of hackers or because they’ve become bored with Verdansk.

Warzone players have traveled back in time to 1984, with a new-look version of Verdansk to play in.

Well, if NICKMERCS had his way, it seems as if he’d bring back the original version of Verdansk, and it’s not just because he’s high on nostalgia either.

The FaZe Clan star was reacting to his first-ever Warzone win when he realized how much better players had it with the older map. “Lowkey, the old map was so much better than the s**t we play now, right. The old map was way better man,” he said.


“I’m serious. All the little things on the old map were better than the little things on the new map, is what I’m saying. The old map was way better guys, way better. Nostalgia wins every day? That’s not true.”

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It wasn’t just revisiting the old Superstore drop or the areas around it that had Nick gushing over the old version of Verdansk as he also pointed out that he felt the classic Gulag was the best there has been.

Plenty of players have asked for a throwback weekend kind of playlist where the classic Verdansk map returns, but the devs have said that the nuke event that launched Verdansk ’84 makes that difficult.