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New Warzone Starter Pack coming in Season 4 Reloaded update

Published: 30/Jun/2020 0:10

by Alan Bernal


A new bundle is coming to Warzone in the Modern Warfare Season 4 Reloaded patch, featuring a Legendary blueprint, a heap of COD Points, a skin for Krueger and more.

Modern Warfare’s fourth season is in full swing, but the team behind its battle royale are going to give newer players a helping hand with a pack containing enough content to get them on their way.

The bundle will cost $4.99, or a “regional equivalent” as Activision says, and will give players a bit of flair to take with them in their firefights across Verdansk.

Infinity Ward
The Starter Pack has everything new Warzone players need to get into the battle royale.

The contents of the Warzone Starter Pack are as follows:


  • 500 COD Points
  • Legendary Shotgun Blueprint – Amalgam
  • Epic Krueger Skin – Alchemist
  • Epic Calling Card – Breathing Easy
  • Epic Emblem – Vulture Culture
  • 2x 1 Hour 2x XP Tokens

First, people who opt into the purchase will have their currency essentially traded into COD Points with 500 in-game currency boosting their digital wallets.

After that, there’s a ton of content to sift through starting with the highlight of the bundle, Legendary Shotgun Blueprint – Amalgam.

Infinity Ward
Warzone players are getting the blueprint for the Amalgam.

The weapon comes with five attachments that makes it ready for most types of combat, though you’ll still need to level it for more options to customize it.

For fans of the Allegiance Operator, there’s going to be an Epic Krueger skin called The Alchemist. Skins are one of the many ways to get the most out of Warzone’s customization, so it could be a welcomed addition for new players.


Along with the skin, the pack will give people an Epic Calling Card and Epic Emblem called Breathing Easy and Vulture Culture, respectively.

Infinity Ward
The Epic Krueger Skin called the Alchemist in Warzone.

Finally and fittingly, the Starter Pack is giving new fans two tokens for one-hour double XP. This will let players boost their Battle Pass tier rate and weapon levels, simultaneously.

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The new Warzone bundle will be a huge thrust for people still looking to get a jumpstart in their battle royale progression without breaking the bank.

As even more maps and modes were announced for Season 4 Reloaded, there should be plenty for fresh players to get into the mix of everything Modern Warfare has to offer.