New Nvidia hack could make Warzone cheaters undetectable

Michael Gwilliam
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A new Nvidia hack by ransomware gang Lapsus$ appeared to be bad news for Warzone players and the ongoing battle against cheaters. Though new intel suggests there may be nothing to fear.

Warzone has plenty of issues as is with weapon balance and a seemingly never-ending amount of bugs and glitches, but a new problem has presented itself.

According to reports, the ransomware group Lapsus$ had successfully hacked graphics card behemoth Nvidia, gaining access to source code and confidential data.

While this may not seem relevant to Warzone, an anti-cheat watchdog group warned that there could be major ramifications for all games as a result of this hack.

Watchdog group warned Nvidia could affect Warzone

Anti-cheat PD, a group that documents nefarious activities by hackers and efforts made to stop them, revealed the Nvidia hack could give cheaters another advantage.

“They are now capable of signing their cheat with an Nvidia cert which is bad for all games no matter the anti-cheat,” they wrote on Twitter at the time. “Nvidia, fix this immediately.”

Speaking with Dexerto, the group explained how cheaters are able to use the Nvidia certificate to sign their own driver and make it look like a legitimate Nvidia program.

Warzone Pacific Season 2 gameplay
This new hack could be a big issue for Warzone players.

“Usually, leaked certificates are blocked by anti-cheats, but in this case, a big cert like Nvidia is probably a challenge to tackle since everyone has this on their machine as legitimate software,” the group noted.

“Any type of cheat that is that uses this certificate because the cheat becomes a legitimate software,” they added, further saying that this can be an issue for every game, regardless of how good the anti-cheat is.

With anti-cheat efforts against hackers in Warzone improving thanks to RICOCHET detecting and punishing those ruining games, this new development could have spelled doom for developers.

Fortunately, more recent intel suggests these new certificates have already been blocked. Meaning Warzone’s anti-cheat system should be able to prevent any new issues that may arise.