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Game-breaking Warzone bug gives any gun “zero recoil”

Published: 28/Feb/2022 19:02

by Theo Salaun


A new Call of Duty: Warzone bug is allowing players to put Vanguard attachments on any gun in the game. With some “no-recoil” loadouts already discovered, JGOD and others have exposed just how game-breaking the exploit is.

If you thought 10 attachments was already overkill for Call of Duty loadouts, just wait until you get shot by someone running 11 on their Warzone class. A new bug does just that, with a simple exploit letting players pile on extra Vanguard perks.

As discussed in the past, Vanguard attachments like Hardscope and Tight Grip are must-haves to practically eliminate recoil. Normally, each gun can only use one of these (or its own version of them), but a new bug is changing that.


Discovered by yeet and explained in a JGOD video, this new “game-breaking” exploit lets players add a second primary perks to Vanguard guns or one to Modern Warfare and Black Ops Cold War weapons. The results are… intimidating.

New Warzone glitch blesses guns with “zero recoil”

As you can see in the clip from yeet, using the glitch allowed him to add Tight Grip to his AS44. The gun typically has no recoil-boosting perks available, but becomes an absolute laser with the bug’s gift of Tight Grip.

Yeet explained the video, saying that he wasn’t “dragging down my mouse at all in the clip.” Considering the AS44’s natural bounciness, that precise accuracy becomes even more impressive.


JGOD shows Warzone bug giving loadouts extra Vanguard attachments

In JGOD’s video, he breaks down exactly what the glitch does and how you can perform it. Essentially, this bug can give you an extra attachment on any gun in the game – which will be impactful depending on the gun in question.

To do this, it seems you only need to have two loadout guns, shoot a bullet with each, drop them, and then pick them back up. Doing this will give some nutty builds, like a PPSh with Gung-Ho or an AS44 with Tight Grip.

At the moment, the exploit is not listed on the Raven Software Trello board for known Warzone issues, so it remains unclear when a fix will be scheduled. In the meantime, be sure to kill anyone you see briefly dropping their loadout weapons.