NAMELESS Announces Two Surprise Guests For a Brand New Call of Duty Podcast

Calum Patterson

Former professional player Anthony “NAMELESS” Wheeler has announced two of the guests for a brand new podcast, inviting on former pro player Adam “KiLLa” Sloss.

NAMELESS’ recently started his ‘CoD Cast’ a weekly podcast which he began shortly before his official stepping down from competing, typically hosting current pro players.

Most often it is current professional players discussing current issues and tournaments in relating to the CWL, or on occasion casters and analysts such as Joe “MerK” Deluca and Clint “Maven” Evans.

Last week’s episode saw the entire new OpTic Gaming Call of Duty roster sit down with NAMELESS live from the MLG apartments in Columbus, as the team were competing in their Division B matches of the CWL Pro League.

For next week though, NAMELESS is starting a new separate podcast inviting on the Sloss brothers; former professional and all round legendary CoD player Adam “KiLLa” Sloss, and his brother.

NAMELESS has clarified that this is an entirely separate podcast, although details of what he has in store for fans are still relatively sparse.

KiLLa, despite no longer competing professionally, is still a very active member in the CoD community, and is vocal about a number of issues.

KiLLa’s brother is also a keen member of the community, and the pair should make for some very intriguing conversations about the current landscape of the competitive scene.

As for other guests, NAMELESS may look to keep the trend going by inviting other former pro’s on to speak, but we can expect more announcements closer the the show itself.

NAMELESS hasn’t revealed the date yet either, but you can keep up with him via Twitter, and catch him live via his Twitch Channel.

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