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Nadeshot and CoD pros react to 100 Thieves’ shocking loss in CWL Pro League

Published: 22/Feb/2019 2:46 Updated: 22/Feb/2019 7:27

by Albert Petrosyan


There were four matches in the Call of Duty World League’s Pro League on February 21, but the entire CoD community seems to be talking about 100 Thieves’ stunning loss to eUnited.

With eUnited currently being one of the top teams in the CWL, it’s not the fact that 100 Thieves lost to them that’s caught people’s attention, but rather it was the nature of how they lost that has left many speechless. 

The match started very much one way as eUnited jumped out to a 2-0 lead after winning the first two maps. 100 Thieves showed their resiliency by winning the next two maps to tie the score at 2-2 and force a decisive game five.


With momentum very much on their side, 100T got up to a quick 3-1 lead in the Frequency S&D, but that was when things quickly began to unravel as eUnited racked up round after round to eventually claim a 5-4 lead.

The match was destined to go to a round 11 as 100T had a 4v2 advantage in the 10th round with the bomb down, but eUnited somehow managed to eliminate all four players and get the defuse with just 0.1 seconds left on the timer.

That sequence of events, couple with the fact that 100 Thieves were largely unsuccessful when using many of their scorestreaks during the final map, left everyone watching stunned and in disbelief.


CEO and founder Matt ‘Nadeshot’ Haag, a former Call of Duty star himself, tweeted out a simple message but quickly deleted it just moments later.

Several of the 100 Thieves players, including Kenny, Octane, and their new man Priestahh, shared their disappointment on Twitter after the loss, and they all seemed to express their reactions in a different way. 

Many pro players watching the match took to Twitter to express their own stunned reactions. While some took a more analytical and mild approach when tweeting out, others were a lot more straightforward, to say the least.

While there were a lot of quality tweets put out in the aftermath of what happened, maybe the best one came from OpTic Gaming’s Dashy, who sent a tweet at 100 Thieves’ substitute player Fero.


Of course Fero was a member of 100T’s starting squad during the qualifying tournament of the Pro League, but was controversially dropped in favor of Priestahh, and many disagreed with the decision at the time.

With the loss, 100 Thieves dropped to 1-2 in Division B of the Pro League, while eUnited got their third win to improve to 3-1. You can keep updated on all scores, standings, and upcoming scheduled by visiting our dedicated CWL Pro League Hub.

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