MW3 players want faster reloads instead of bigger mags

Daniel Appleford
MW3 Season 2 artwork

Modern Warfare 3’s Mag Holster Perk has come under fire for its “painfully slow” reload speed and needs a buff.

Being able to reload quickly is essential to winning in MW3 as one extra bullet could mean the difference between one and two kills

This is why many players opt to equip the Mag Holster Perk when choosing a loadout. However, the Perk’s addition seems to be more of a hindrance than a help.

MW3 players took to Reddit to discuss the issue with the Mag Holster Perk. In which the vast majority agreed that it made the reload animation much too slow.

“Can we please get a buff to the Mag Holster Perk? It is getting really frustrating when you try to react and play fast but can’t handle it properly because reloads take ages. Mag Holster doesn’t even add a consistent speed buff to reloads…” said the original poster.

But that wasn’t the only conclusion players came to. It was also discussed that MW3 generally requires more precision to get kills than in other games.  

“Extended mags and trigger discipline is a must in this game,” explained one commenter.

However, when it comes down to it, the main complaint of MW3 players is centered around the poor spawns. Which makes the slow reload from the Mag Holster even more of a drag. Especially when you have an enemy spawning right behind you while mid-reloading. 

Players are trying to urge MW3 developers Sledgehammer Games to make changes to the Mag Holster. Something that has yet to be seen in minor updates that have come to the game.

But that doesn’t mean a change won’t be in the future considering the arrival of MW3’s Season 3.