Modern Warfare Season 4 leaks reveal new Akimbo Blades, AMR Sniper, more

Infinity Ward

Modern Warfare’s major Season 4 content drop is right around the corner but a handful of upcoming weapons have already slipped through the cracks in brand new gameplay leaks.

As anticipation builds for Modern Warfare’s fourth seasonal update, easter eggs and teasers have been scattered throughout Multiplayer and Warzone. While only time will tell exactly what’s in store for Wednesday, June 3, a number of critical leaks have begun to appear in-game.

A May 15 leak revealed new guns the Vector and Galil. However, brand new footage from a May 27 leak has showcased just how far along the new guns truly are, alongside first looks at two other weapons that could be coming in Season 4 as well.

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Infinity Ward
A new melee weapon has been uncovered in the latest gameplay leak.

Akimbo Blades & Rytek AMR Sniper

Melee weapons haven’t been the biggest focus in the last few seasons, but new leaks have revealed Akimbo Blades in-game already. This duel-wielding unlock gives players two arm-length swords to slash away with. Animations come through extremely fast, meaning these could take down enemies in a flash.

Additionally, a new Rytek AMR Sniper was on display throughout the gameplay snippet. This weapon comes with five round magazines and virtually no recoil based on the early-glimpse. Each shot sends out a powerful thud at roughly half-second intervals though there’s no telling just how much damage they deliver.

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New looks at the Vector and Galil

While fans have been awaiting the release of the Vector after a series of early leaks, it appears as though the weapon has undergone a name change. According to Redditor ‘JeaneJWE’ the Vector is no longer. Instead, the gun that has appeared in multiple CoD titles over the years will soon be known as the Fennec.

Bullets spring from the chamber just as rapidly as the classic SMG. The design also seems to have remained mostly intact as well, even down to its circular iron sights.

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The Galil, appearing as ‘AL_GALIMA’ in-game, is another Assault Rifle presumably set to release throughout Season 4. Also having appeared in previous releases like Black Ops 1, the returning weapon looks just as powerful. Development might not be quite as far along for this particular model, however, as leaked gameplay showed a pure white, undetailed version of the gun.

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A look at the Galil in 2010’s Black Ops.

There’s no telling when each of these weapons may release throughout Season 4. Some could come as early as next week at the very start of the season. Others could be deployed midway through or even further towards the end.

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Keep your eyes peeled in the build-up to the next major content drop as Season 4 launches on Wednesday, June 3.

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