Call of Duty

Modern Warfare players find "unfair" use for OP new crossbow

by Daniel Cleary


Modern Warfare’s January 22 update saw the introduction of a new crossbow weapon to the game, but some fans have already found just how overpowered the new addition can be.

The massive v1.13 patch on Modern Warfare went live on January 22, fixing many of the major issues and adding new content for Call of Duty fans to enjoy.

Modern Warfare’s latest update also featured the return of the iconic crossbow weapon, which has been in multiple titles of the franchise since its first appearance in the original Black Ops.

Infinity Ward
The iconic crossbow has made its return to yet another Call of Duty title.


Although Crossbows have been featured in many CoD titles over the years, it has not always been the most viable of weapons and was rarely seen in many cases outside of the classic Sticks & Stones playlist.

However, the Modern Warfare variation may have taken things a little too far to make it viable, after players discovered that the crossbow is actually quite overpowered in its current state.

Reddit user u/Ricardo029 highlighted just how effective the crossbow was by demonstrating its capabilities against players who would lucky enough to earn the Juggernaut kill-streak.


To many viewers' surprise, the 15 kill streak reward was easily shut down with just a single explosive bolt from the newly-introduced weapon, meaning that it could potentially diminish a player's efforts in-game.

Ricardo029 expressed that the use of overpowered crossbow against Juggernaut's was "not even fair," after revealing the perfect counter to what would normally be a terrifying challenge.


Although many players will probably be looking to add the crossbow to some of their current loadouts as a precaution, the new weapon could possibly be the target of some nerfs in a future patch.

It is unlikely that Infinity Ward intended on the Crossbow being so powerful against the Juggernaut suit, however, they have not yet revealed any plans for changing the weapon on their developer Trello board.