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Absurd Modern Warfare glitch turns maps into a psychedelic experience

Published: 18/Feb/2020 1:12

by Brad Norton


A bizarre Modern Warfare bug is throwing players off of their game as extraordinary colors have taken over Zhokov Boneyard and various other maps in the latest Call of Duty title.

Infinity Ward’s latest game has been plagued by all sorts of visual bugs since its 2019 release. From quirky rainbow-fuelled glitches to nightmare-inducing character models, the community has seen it all.

The most recent issue more or less transports players into another plane of existence as textures fail to load in and bizarre patterns overlay maps in-game. 

Infinity Ward
Zhokov Boneyard is the latest map exclusive to Ground War in Modern Warfare.

Mid-way through a Ground War match on Zhokov Boneyard, a map that was introduced with the major Season Two content drop on February 11, Reddit user ‘BullyHunterIII’ experienced one of the most unusual bugs to date.


While playing out in the open appeared to be just fine, when they walked inside a section of the map that pays homage to Modern Warfare 2’s Scrapyard, everything quickly turned to an odd shade of green. 

Almost similar to the looks of a thermal scope for instance, everything from player models to nearby slabs of stone all came across as something from another dimension while the bug played out.

Does anyone else have this shader issue on Zhokov Boneyard? from modernwarfare

There’s no telling what led to the quirky glitch, but it certainly caught the player off-guard as they stood around the B Flag. 

When approaching various sources of light, the state of the bug adjusted slightly. From cooler shades of blue and green to warmer spots of yellow and red.


Jumping out of a window and stepping back outside of the building, things quickly reverted to the normal visual style of Modern Warfare. “I forgot to mention, it only happens when inside of a building,” the player added.

Not the first time that such an issue has impacted Modern Warfare players, an issue just weeks out from launch in November, 2019, turned Ground War maps into vibrant, rainbow-esque landscapes.

Infinity Ward is yet to comment on the latest visual glitch so there’s no indicating when a fix might be on the way. Until it is patched out, you might see some bizarre colors popping up throughout your next session.