Call of Duty

Terrifying Modern Warfare visual glitch turns Operators into nightmares

by Brad Norton
Infinity Ward


Modern Warfare allows players to choose from a wide array of Operators to take into battle, yet this horrifying glitch might be the most effective at scaring the opposition away.

Since the release of Infinity Ward’s latest entry in the Call of Duty franchise, players have been stumbling upon countless visual issues, from bugs that change the color of the map, to camouflage glitches that make it impossible to shoot.

The latest bizarre feature directly alters the appearance of Operators in the game, and ensures they’ll scare off any foes who may get too close.

Modern Warfare Operator skins
Infinity Ward
Operators in Modern Warfare can be unlocked through in-game challenges or purchased in cosmetic bundles.


Despite raising a hefty $1.6 million in support of Australian bushfire relief through the sale of a cosmetic pack that featured a new Operator skin, Modern Warfare can’t quite seem to nail down the features of a human face. 

Haunting the dreams of Reddit user ‘Imperial3agle,’ a creepy visual glitch changed the appearance of an Operator in the main menu. Tearing back a layer of flesh, the bug revealed what lays beneath the surface of character models in-game. 

From the movement of their protruding eyeballs to their full set of teeth sticking out among the Operator’s head, the disturbing visual was the last thing this player needed to see while playing the game late at night.


A terrifying image that is sure to stick for quite some time, the glitch appears eerily similar to that of a viral Assassin’s Creed bug from Ubisoft’s 2014 entry in the popular stealth-based franchise. 

Removing the face and leaving nothing but eyeballs and teeth behind, Activision’s latest issue looks all too similar to Ubisoft’s notorious glitches.

“Okay. Who let Ubisoft make a skin?” Reddit user ‘Dark_Kelta’ amusingly chimed in, further adding insult to injury with the creepy facial bug.

Assassin's Creed visual bug

2014's Assassin's Creed Unity was plagued by this chilling visual bug.


Seemingly a rare occurrence, there’s no telling how the issue came to be in the first place. Infinity Ward is yet to respond so the glitch could definitely pop up on your own copy of Modern Warfare until a patch is released.

Hopefully you’re not playing the game in the dead of night like this unlucky player though, and avoid a jump scare that Modern Warfare should be rushing to patch out of the game as soon as possible.