Two more Call of Duty 4 maps found in Modern Warfare’s game files

Eli Becht

Modern Warfare might be on the cusp of getting two more maps from an older Call of Duty – this time, from CoD 4.

The original Modern Warfare title released all the way back in 2007, and forever changed the way we look at the CoD series.

Call of Duty 4 introduced kill streaks, class loadouts, perks, and a new leveling system. While all of that has become a staple of the series nowadays, it was a groundbreaking concept back then.

Modern Warfare 2's Rust.
Infinity Ward
Rust has come to Modern Warfare.

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Something that goes under the radar is the number of popular maps that have become forgotten as the years go on. Some of them do stick with the series – Nuketown, for example – but the majority of them are left in the past.

2019’s Modern Warfare has done a good job of bringing back fan-favorites, such as Rust from MW2, and it looks like Infinity Ward will have several more coming in the future.

Reddit user evilonyx discovered CoD 4’s Killhouse and Broadcast maps both in the files, indicating these might be some of the maps the devs bring into the game next. Nothing is set in stone yet as these just remain leaks for the time being, but it wouldn’t be surprising to see it happen, considering this isn’t the first time maps from the game have leaked.

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The Season 2 update introduced several new maps, but there’s nothing saying Infinity Ward can’t continue to bring more into the game as the season goes on.

In Black Ops 4, Nuketown was actually made part of the battle royale map, so maybe we could see this happen with Warzone – Modern Warfare’s rumored BR game mode.

via CaptainBadfoot Twitter
Could Warzone bring even more maps in the game?

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Ahead of the release of Rust, the official Call of Duty website, of all places, actually leaked it, and several other Season 2 details, so we probably won’t be able to count on another mishap like that happening again.

Instead, we’ll have to rely on credible leaks, and it looks like these two maps are just the latest. There’s no official timetable on when to expect Killhouse and Broadcast, and there’s actually not even definitive proof they’ll ever be coming. Keep your eye out for more details as leakers wait for nobody.