Game-breaking Modern Warfare 2 Beta glitch lets snipers see through smoke

Modern Warfare 2 sniper gameplayActivision

A game-changing Modern Warfare 2 bug has snipers running rampant in week two of the Beta, with scopes now enabling players to see right through smoke.

With the second and final week of the Modern Warfare 2 Beta now in effect, players across all platforms are getting in on the action. While the initial PlayStation-only test had its fair share of issues, some of which developers have already looked to address, it appears more are now piling up in week two.

Visibility has been a consistent gripe in the community with many calling for key changes in that regard. Effects from smoke grenades and killstreaks have left players struggling to see in front of them.

While Infinity Ward is well aware, it now seems the issue has become more alarming. In the second week of the Beta, players have noticed snipers are shockingly able to see through smoke as though it was never there.

As first shared on Reddit by ‘GT-Ranz’ before being circulated by CharlieIntel, aiming down sights with a sniper scope equipped completely removes any smoke effects from the map.

While unscoped, the player was unable to see through gates on the Mercado Las Almas map. Quickly scoping in removed all smoke from the area, allowing them to see directly through to the other side.

Obviously, select players being able to outright ignore smoke provides a major advantage. Historically, only thermal scopes were designed to see enemies through such effects, requiring a custom class in order to do so. In the Modern Warfare 2 Beta, however, regular sniper scopes appear to be doing the trick.

Unfortunately, such a game-breaking issue has become somewhat of a trend at launch in new Call of Duty titles. Modern Warfare 2019 saw a similar bug ruining matches weeks after release. Black Ops Cold War also had problems with smoke, so severe in fact, it led to a year without snipers in competitive play.

Given Modern Warfare 2 is only just in Beta, there’s a chance we see this new instance of the bug fixed before launch. But given the series’ track record, it’s equally likely it takes a good while to fix.