Bizarre Modern Warfare glitch lets players see through smokes

Infinity Ward

A bug in Modern Warfare is letting players see through smoke grenades without the use of a Thermal Sight – and it’s not the first time people have run into the strange glitch either.

After a smoke grenade releases its gas, people have noticed that you can still sneak a peek onto the other side of its cloud by looking through their weapon’s sights. But the bug requires players to use an indirect means of scouting out the opponent.

A clip by Reddit user ‘Regr3tti’ shows them using an Integral Hybrid Optic but without looking down its attached 1x reflex sight.

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Infinity Ward
The bug with the sight has been seen in Modern Warfare before.

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While the sight wasn’t being used, the reflection technology lens on it was still distorting the image behind it.

At first, all it let the player peek at was the side of the broken plane. As they kept panning through the battlefield, they picked up what looked like the figure of a person.

Well on the battlefield, Modern Warfare players generally take a ‘shoot now, ask later’ mentality to anything that moves.

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Following suit, Regr3tti readjusted their shot and unloaded a barrage of fire through the smoke, this time actually using the reflex sight.

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While Thermal Sights let players look through plumes of smoke with ease, the same can’t be said about the Integral Hybrid Optic sight that has an attached 1x reflex with no thermal tech.

But that didn’t stop the player from spraying at the specter they managed to get a look at, basically voiding any impact the smoke grenade was supposed to have.

Regr3tti via Reddit
The player was looking away, giving their sight an angle on the Modern Warfare opponent.

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Moments later their snapshot aim resulted in a dead opponent, though unlikely as it should have been.

This isn’t the first time this bug has appeared in Modern Warfare, since it’s actually a problem that’s been patched before.

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User ‘kladda5’ said: “It’s been like that since launch, they fixed it for the Shield Turret and ignored the scope on weapons, IW is IW.”

adelinebotanica via Reddit
The Shield Turret had a similar problem to that of the sight.

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Though the Shield Turret’s bug was exactly the same in nature, it was more heinous in execution due to the killstreak’s large windows.

In either case, Infinity Ward will likely patch out the bug as soon as they can to prevent unintended results with the sight attachment.