Modern Warfare 2 dev responds to complaints over “loud” footstep audio

Shay Robson
Modern Warfare 2 SBMM

Infinity Ward has responded to growing concerns from players regarding footstep audio issues in the Modern Warfare 2 beta.

Modern Warfare 2’s beta is finally here, and fans across the world are getting their first look and experience of the game for what it is.

Infinity Ward has claimed they’ve worked on new sound technology to improve footstep audio – a prominent issue in almost every Call of Duty, which the devs just can’t get right.

However, despite their increased focus, players are still running into a few issues, leading the developers to address concerns.

Infinity Ward developer sheds light on MW2 audio

Players have had quite a few concerns when it comes to MW2’s audio, with many agreeing footsteps are generally too loud.

Additionally, the community has also voiced complaints regarding Dead Silence, which is now an in-game Field Upgrade instead of a Loadout Perk. Now, one developer has put out a detailed thread addressing concerns from players.

In a September 16 tweet, Audio Level Designer Christopher Christensen gave an explanation of why footsteps seem so loud in-game. “Your own footsteps (1st-person) is completely different than what others hear, and is for your information only,” the dev wrote.

The audio designer also gave a tip to players, suggesting they should take the time to learn all the new sounds. “There are different types of foliage sounds now! Same with water/oil/mud puddles. Learning the audible differences, and surfaces throughout each map, will give you a huge map-knowledge advantage!”

Additionally, he noted there’s an option to set your walking move speed, which also modifies your walking footstep audio volume. The developer also clarified that footstep audio is based on player speed.

Nonetheless, players shouldn’t be too concerned with MW2’s footstep audio. Remember that full-blown sprinting is much louder than crouch walking or crawling.

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