Karma reveals OpTic Chicago’s biggest problem in the CDL

karma optic chicago problems cdlYouTube: OpTic Chicago

OpTic Chicago achieved a top-four placement at the CDL Stage 4 Major, eliminated from the tournament after two losses to Dallas Empire. Call of Duty legend and OpTic dynasty member Damon ‘Karma’ Barlow believes it falls to one key issue.

OpTic have been very up and down during the Black Ops Cold War season. The raw talent on the team is top-tier, but the results suggest differently. It’s even something that star man Seth ‘Scump’ Abner has revealed as a source of his mental health struggles.

While fans were expecting to see the return of LAN be a major turning point for the squad, it doesn’t appear to have made too much of a difference.

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While Karma might not be playing anymore, he’s clearly one of the greatest minds in CoD history, and he’s had his say on the struggles facing the squad.

OpTic Chicago CDL team 2021 Scump, Envoy, Dashy, FormalActivision
OpTic Chicago have failed to capitalize on the raw talent on their team.

While many of the Greenwall believed their time may finally be coming at the Stage 4 Major, the tournament ultimately saw Atlanta FaZe taking down Dallas Empire in the grand final.

Caster Brice tweeted out questioning whether OpTic will be capable of beating all of the top teams in two months’ time, when the Stage 5 Major and Champs rolls around, asking how consistently they can reach their skill ceiling.

Karma’s response was brutally honest, assessing his team’s chances. He said: “The playstyles are all very different with different paces. To win they gotta all be on point at the same time.”

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Pacing is definitely an issue that has affected OpTic Chicago throughout the season. During Stage 4, Andrew ‘Enigma’ Campion explained on Reverse Sweep Round 11 that as well as improved performances from Scump, the team had slowed their play down to get more in sync with each other and made them a better team.

Needless to say, one thing you can say for all of the top teams is that they play as a truly cohesive unit, which is why they are capable of regularly reaching grand finals.

It’s something OpTic needs to work on but, with time slowly ticking on the 2021 season, it might be too little, too late.

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