JoeWo blasts Modern Warfare 2 weapon attachment grind: “It’s really bad”

JoeWo streaming Warzone 2JoeWo

Call of Duty streamer JoeWo believes the Modern Warfare 2 attachment grind is negatively dividing the playerbase and leading to unfair in-game experiences for casual fans.

One of the defining features of the Call of Duty series is the ability to make custom loadouts. It’s here where players can use the Gunsmith feature to kit out their favorite weapons with attachments tailored towards certain playstyles and stats.

However, unlike the previous entries, the Modern Warfare 2 gunsmith takes the attachment grind to the next level. Instead of just ranking up one gun to unlock all of its possible attachments, multiple guns now must be used to acquire certain gear.

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Due to this, Call of Duty streamer JoeWo believes the current Modern Warfare 2 attachment grind is drastically impacting players’ enjoyment of the game.

JoeWo slams Modern Warfare 2 attachment grind

During his recent Modern Warfare 2 stream, JoeWo gave a perfect example of how ridiculous the current grind is. He used the Lachmann-762 as an example, showcasing how players would need to level up the RAPP H to gain access to the 10.6” Lachstrike barrel.

However, the RAPP H is only unlocked when you get the Lachmann-556 to level 16. While this may not be a problem for streamers and other players who have time to invest in Modern Warfare 2’s multiplayer it does leave the casual playerbase behind.

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“How is the casual player ever going to have a loadout that’s decent? Like, the casual player is just not going to have good guns. It’s going to be so bad for them. They’re not going to have fun, they’re going to be fighting me with a freaking max level M4, explained the streamer.

Whether the developers will adjust the current time investment needed to unlock attachments in Modern Warfare 2 remains to be seen, but for now, JoeWo is adamant that this decision will negatively impact the casual playerbase.