JGOD urges Warzone 2 devs to nerf aim assist as it is “too strong”

jgod the warzone 2 streamer and expert sitting at his desk during a video.YouTube: JGOD

Warzone 2 expert JGOD believes that aim assist needs a nerf in Warzone 2 with it being “too strong,” but he isn’t expecting Infinity Ward to agree.

Aim assist has long been a controversial topic in the Warzone community. It’s a gameplay mechanic designed to make aiming on a controller easier but some players and even pros believe that it has gotten too powerful.

It mostly works by slowing down the user’s aim when they look near a target but that isn’t the only type of aim assist.

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Newer Call of Duty games also utilize rotational aim assist, an additional mechanic that partially tracks enemy movement for you if the left analog stick is being pushed in any direction.

JGOD wants aim assist nerfed in Warzone 2 to restore skill gap

JGOD has asked the Warzone 2 devs to consider nerfing aim assist but he isn’t expecting anything. The Warzone 2 expert posted a commentary on an analysis video showcasing how aim assist works in Call of Duty.

At one point a viewer asked JGOD why Infinity Ward would nerf aim assist which he replied: “[Aim assist] is a little too strong and it doesn’t require much skill so [the devs] won’t nerf it but they should.”

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Several commenters agreed with JGOD that the current state of aim assist in Warzone 2 is a problem as one user responded: “This video isn’t just for MnKB players to be upset about. If you are a good controller player you should be shocked by this too! Having such AA decreases the skill gap significantly.”

A mouse and keyboard player chimed in with their view on aim assist: “As a mouse player, this is exactly why I avoid close-quarter fights as much as possible. I have no issue with controllers getting some aim assist, it’s the aim assist deniers that have convinced themselves it’s pure skill on their end.”

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Call of Duty is often seen as a console game and console gamers almost exclusively play on controller. The improvements to aim assist has helped controller players but left the average mouse player “at a disadvantage statistically,” as admitted by Infinity Ward’s co-studio head Patrick Kelly.

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