JGOD reveals simple trick to improve MW2 aim assist

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A growing contention of Modern Warfare 2 players believe aim assist is too powerful, but it would be a waste not to take full advantage of the feature.

Viral MW2 clips of rotational aim assist reignited an age-old debate of mouse and keyboard versus controller. One side of the aisle believes aim assist provides an unfair advantage, while the other contends they don’t stand a chance without it.

Tensions reached a boiling point during MW2’s release. OpTic Scump claimed, “they took out so much of the skill in aiming.” Opinions aside, aim assist does not appear to be going anywhere, so learning the ins and outs is essential.

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Check out our best controller settings guide for a better explanation, but CoD YouTuber JGOD shared a simple trick to full take advantage of MW2’s aim assist.

The Blue Dot reticle is one of Modern Warfare 2's most popular sights.Activision
Aim assist is a contentious topic in the Modern Warfare 2 community.

JGOD explains how to “abuse” aim assist in MW2

In his latest YouTube video, JGOD researched the best MW2 settings and tested all four aim assist types.

  • Default
  • Precision
  • Focusing
  • Black Ops

JGOD does not recommend using Precision or Focusing aim assist because they do not offer rotational aim assist. Introduced in Modern Warfare 2019, rotational aim assist locks on your crosshair to enemies by slightly moving your left stick without touching the right.

Slowdown activates by only using the right thumbstick and slows down your crosshair while aiming at an enemy. Default and Black Ops utilize both features, but JGOD concluded one slightly edges out the other.

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After testing the Default and Black Ops options in-game, he concluded: “Black Ops was one to three percent stronger,” as the crosshair stayed on an enemy slightly longer with the help of aim assist.

JGOD noted that his research is well within the margin of error, so it may not be entirely accurate. However, it may be worth trying out the Black Ops aim assist type if you are looking for every possible way to stay ahead of the game.