JGOD explains how rumored CoD 2023 delay could “ruin” Warzone

Connor Bennett
YouTuber JGOD in Warzone pacific map
YouTube: JGOD/Activision

Call of Duty stats guru JGOD has given his take on the rumored CoD 2023 delay as he believes it could have dire consequences for Warzone. 

As Call of Duty fans have grown increasingly frustrated with the state of CoD: Vanguard, many have been looking to the future and what the next release is rumored to bring.

That next release is reported to be Modern Warfare 2 – a follow-up to 2019’s soft reboot of the Modern Warfare series – but beyond that, Call of Duty is set to go down a new path. Bloomberg reported that the 2023 title will be delayed, meaning there will be a gap in the usual annual release cycle for CoD.

There have been rumors that the gap will be filled by a new free-to-play title – with many suggesting that it could be Warzone 2. However, if that is to be the case, YouTuber JGOD has some concerns.

A concept image of Warzone 2
There have already been rumors about the setting of Warzone 2.

In his February 24 video, the Warzone stats guru compiled some of the recent leaks and rumors about the future of Call of Duty and Warzone, and what it could mean.

JGOD suggested that if the annual release cycle is broken, Warzone could be left in the dust. “I don’t think [Modern Warfare 2] will be integrated into Warzone at all,” he said. “And that means you’re not gonna get really any new content for Warzone 1.”

The YouTuber suggested that there will be almost “no new content” for Warzone before Warzone 2 releases which could leave the game in “a kind of limbo” for a while.

As JGOD noted, his take on things is based on rumors and speculation, and there is nothing set in stone. Though, he does make a good point. The devs are unlikely to focus on Warzone while building a new battle royale experience, so players could be left to fester.

If that was to be the case, players would likely find ways to keep themselves entertained with Warzone, but plenty of others could ditch it for other battle royales. Though, we’ll have to wait and see what happens.