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Infinity Ward reveal bug fixes coming in Modern Warfare & Warzone update

Published: 17/May/2020 10:28

by Andy Williams


Infinity Ward has been hard at work addressing Modern Warfare and Warzone’s bugs and glitches for an upcoming update, so here’s everything they’ve confirmed is being fixes in a future patch.

The last Modern Warfare update brought Iskra into the fold of Operators for the Allegiance, alongside adding a new weapon blueprint and game modes/playlists for multiplayer.

From Infinity Ward’s Season 3 roadmap, players can expect to see both Hardhat and Aisle 9 added to the map pool rotation for regular game modes and Gunfight, respectively.

Modern Warfare & Warzone Season 3 roadmap.
We’ve almost ticked off all the boxes of Season 3 content that we were promised.

Modern Warfare fixes in future update

There are plenty of fixes coming for Modern Warfare’s multiplayer, some of which we have already covered. The added issues which have been addressed can be found on the Infinity Ward issue tracker marked as ‘Fixed in a future update.’

  • Progression with the Renetti unlocks a Merc Foregrip which can’t be used on this weapon.
  • Reports of the “Use Dead Silence in three matches” challenge not working as intended.
  • Crossbow kills in Gun Game didn’t progress the player.
  • Countdown timer allowing players to move while in Domination.
  • The “Time to Reap” watch does not tell time.
Warzone final circle.
Warzone’s notorious final circle bug has finally been fixed.

Warzone fixes in future update

It appears that all the focus has been shifted on polishing Warzone during the next update, as the developers have been hard at work fixing a number of issues in Verdansk.

Perhaps most notable, is a fix for the gas invincibility exploit that players were able to use — where players who redeployed during the final circle were immune to sustaining damage from the gas. Below is a list of all previously unknown fixes coming to Warzone in a future update.

  • Arklov Peak Military Base – There is a stuck spot between one of the bunker walls and an earth mound.
  • Report of a possible glitch area.
  • Reports of an exploit with helicopters getting out of the map.
  • If a team manages to buy a player back as the final circle closes, the resurrected player will redeploy immune to the gas.
  • In rare instances, players are getting stuck inside of the AC-130 during the Warzone infill, by entering a state where they bypass the auto deploy feature.
  • Reports of issues with voice chat after our April 28 update.
  • Bug where a Contract appeared to be stuck inside a resupply station.
  • Unable to bring squadmate back in the match from certain Buy Stations.

One ‘issue’ that Infinity Ward hasn’t addressed in their notes, is the distinct howling noises coming from Verdansk’s ‘Dam’ POI.

With no ‘fix’ in sight and some apparent changes to the area’s landscape, could we be seeing (or hearing) our first Season 4 Warzone map teaser? Will the Dam burst its banks, leading to catastrophic changes to the rest of our beloved Battle Royale map?

Call of Duty

Black Ops Cold War Nov 23 update patch notes: MP spawns, Zombies fixes

Published: 23/Nov/2020 20:34 Updated: 23/Nov/2020 22:10

by Tanner Pierce


Treyarch has released yet another brand new patch for Black Ops Cold War and while it doesn’t fix a whole lot, it does address some minor problems with the game’s spawns, an issue with Flak Jacket, and also some Zombies bugs. Here’s everything you need to know.

If you were worried that Treyarch might not update Black Ops Cold War as much as it needed to be since launch then it appears like you’re sorely mistaken. The developer ended up releasing the game’s first major patch on Friday, November 20, before releasing yet another patch a couple days later mainly addressing the Zombies mode.

Now, just a couple days after that update, Treyarch has already released yet another patch for Black Ops Cold War, making it the third one is just a few days. The patch itself is relatively minor, addressing a few small but notable issues within the game’s multiplayer and zombies modes.

Biggest changes in the Nov 20 update for Multiplayer and Zombies

The most notable fix with this new update, at least on the multiplayer side of things, has to do with the spawns. There have been two minor fixes here, with one having to do with Hardpoint specifically, and the other having to do with weighting on two maps.

At the end of the day, any spawn fix, no matter how small, is welcome considering it’s always a point of contention within the community. As it’s been with the community for years, spawns will always need adjustments and fixes.

In addition to the spawns, an issue with Flak Jacket, which wasn’t giving protection to players in Hardcore and a UI error in Fireteam: Dirty Bomb were also fixed.

A bug with the Megaton Zombie, which was causing it to be immune permanently, has been fixed with this new update.

On the Zombies side of things, a bug tied to the Ring of Fire field upgrade, was also fixed, as well as the Megaton boss. In rare circumstances, the creature would sometimes become permanently invincible.

As previously mentioned, it’s a pretty small patch. There’s still a ton that needs to be addressed like the random crashes, the annoying bugs, and more. Still, it’s nice to see that Treyarch is updating the game so frequently that it’s only a mere couple days between patches. Here’s hoping more come in the near future.

You can find Treyarch’s full patch notes below:



  • Adjusted Hardpoint spawn logic to reduce average travel time to active Hardpoints.
  • Adjusted enemy weighting for spawns in Crossroads Strike and Armada Strike.

Fireteam: Dirty Bomb

  • Addressed a UI error that could sometimes occur when loading into a match of Fireteam: Dirty Bomb on Ruka.


  • Addressed an issue that would prevent Flak Jacket from properly protecting the player from explosive damage in Hardcore modes.


Field Upgrades

  • Addressed an issue where the player could earn Field Upgrade charge while their Ring of Fire was currently activated.


  • Addressed an issue that sometimes caused zombies to use their ranged attack unexpectedly.
  • Addressed a rare issue that could rarely cause the Megaton to be permanently invincible after splitting.


  • Added various stability fixes.