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Infinity Ward adds ‘Tiger King’ bundle to Modern Warfare

Published: 2/May/2020 11:50

by Daniel Cleary


Call of Duty fans will now have the chance to rock some ‘Tiger King’ inspired cosmetic items in Modern Warfare and Warzone following the April 28 update.

The newly released Tiger King miniseries on Netflix has gone viral in recent weeks for its bizarre concept and characters. Fans already thought that Modern Warfare had used the show as inspiration for their Yegor skin, although it was up for debate.

There’s no doubt about it this time though, with the new Fire Claw bundle. As the show has created quite a buzz online, Infinity Ward has added to the hype by releasing a new cosmetic bundle in Modern Warfare, paying homage to the Netflix hit.


Infinity Ward has released a new weapon pack inspired by the hit Netflix show.

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As with previous Fire Claw bundles, the new weapon pack features three tiger-themed items, however, fans have noticed that this time around, the graphic used to promote the pack included a lookalike of Tiger King’s main character, Joe Exotic.

While the Tiger King inspired graphic itself is not available as a calling card in-game, there are many other items in the pack which will likely suit fans of the series.

Infinity Ward
The Fire Claw 3 pack is seemingly inspired by Joe Exotic from Tiger King.

The new weapon pack will be available for 1100 CoD points in Modern Warfare’s store and players who pick up will receive a rare charm, a rare spray, and a legendary weapon blueprint for the AUG submachine gun.


A new Legendary blueprint for the AUG is available in the tiger-themed weapon pack.

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The legendary AUG blueprint is in line with the pack’s theme as it features claw marks, tiger stripes, and even a tiger’s face on the side of the weapon.

With a new charm and in-game spray available as well, players can be fully kitted out in tiger gear next time they hop on Modern Warfare or Warzone.

Modern Warfare’s Fire Claw III bundle

  • By the Toe – Legendary AUG Blueprint
  • My Dominion – Rare Spray
  • Big Kitty – Rare Charm

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This is not the first time that Modern Warfare developers have added new content into the game which was believed to be inspired by Tiger King.

One of their recent variations for Operator Yegor seemed to resemble Joe Exotic’s ex-husband, John Finlay.