CoD community goes crazy over Modern Warfare’s new “Tiger King” skin

Michael Gwilliam
Netflix/Infinity Ward

As Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness’s popularity soared on Netflix following the series debut in April, a new skin in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare has sparked a discussion among fans thinking it’s based off John Finlay.

John Finlay is Joe Exotic’s ex-husband and is recognizable for his buzzcut, and body tattoos which were shown off in interviews.

Now, Modern Warfare’s Season 3 Battle Pass has a new skin for the operator Yegor, and it looks eerily like John Finlay, tattoos and all.

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The skin even has a gold chain around Yegor’s neck, just as Finlay wore on the program. That said, it doesn’t look like Yegor is missing any teeth, though a good clean headshot on the battlefield could certainly change that.

Call of Duty players and Tiger King fans were quick to make the connection. “I’m glad Call of Duty finally added a Tiger King update to Modern Warfare,” wrote MinisterMerch on Twitter.

“So I guess they added John Finlay from Tiger King in the new Call of Duty update,” MostCallMeCobb laughed with as series of joy emojis.

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“Didn’t realize the makers of Call of Duty were such big Tiger King fans,” vivsok joked.

While the skin looks identical, it’s unlikely that the skin is supposed to be him, and it’s all just a mere coincidence.

Additionally, the real John Finlay doesn’t look like he did on the show anymore. In a newly premiered episode of The Tiger King Aftershow, it’s revealed that he underwent a massive dental transformation.

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With new teeth and a smile to boot, he doesn’t look anything like his Yegor counterpart.

Still for fans of Tiger King and Call of Duty, you could always imagine like you’re playing as a character who once married Joe Exotic.