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How to unlock Warzone’s secret weapon blueprint from Bunker 11

Published: 20/May/2020 12:54

by Andy Williams


Warzone’s bunkers are easy enough to access, but the Bunker 11 easter egg has some scratching their heads. Here’s exactly how to access the top secret bunker and earn your exclusive ‘Mud Drauber’ weapon blueprint.

Following Warzone’s May 18 update, the bunkers are now open for business. That means that provided players have found a Red Access keycard, they can ransack their nearest bunker for the goodies that are inside.

While in-game loot is cool and all, there is a hidden bunker easter egg that grants players their very own Legendary MP7 blueprint called ‘Mud Drauber’ while also teasing some potential big event in the near future. So, if you haven’t managed to do so already, here’s how to access Bunker 11 and unlock your new weapon blueprint!

How to access Bunker 11 in Warzone

The first thing on your agenda will be to load into Blood Money/Plunder. While popular YouTuber ‘NoahJ456’ explains that it is possible to do in Battle Royale, the logistics of navigating the gas adds an unnecessary complication.

After loading into Plunder, you’ll want to visit one of a few specific locations with telephones (which are scattered in various locations around Verdansk).

Essentially, you’re attempting to access a phone where the operator speaks in Russian. Noah outlines the various locations at which you can access on the phones, where he explains that a flat dial tone means that you need to move onto the next one.

After listening to your first phone, you will receive a three-digit code in Russian. Luckily, for those who don’t know the language, Noah has translated each of the numbers in his video between timestamps 3:56-4:12.

Depending on which three-digit code you get will dictate which order you visit the phones in. Again, Noah highlights every location from 0-9, so just visit each phone in the order of your code. If you had code 012, you would visit phone zero first, then phone one, then phone two.

Provided that you have interacted with all three of your phones in the correct order, Bunker 11 will open for you — located just North-West of Military Base.

Bunker 11 location in Warzone.
Activision / Dexerto
Bunker 11 is tucked away in the North of Verdansk, but be careful players don’t try and scavenge all of your hard work!

Inside, you will find a selection of in-game goodies, storyline teasers and most importantly your Legendary weapon blueprint for the MP7!

It’s possible that the computers dotted around Verdansk also lend themselves to some kind of easter egg, as Noah acknowledged at the backend of his video. If that’s the case, we’ll most definitely be bringing you a guide to navigate those locations, too!


NICKMERCS claims Warzone is “not looking good” compared to Fortnite

Published: 27/Nov/2020 1:24

by Theo Salaun


From Fortnite to Call of Duty: Warzone and back, NICKMERCS is as experienced in both battle royales as anyone. After jumping back into Epic Games’ iteration, he claims the third-person shooter has a serious edge over Warzone right now.

In a long overdue Fortnite return stream with SypherPK, another battle royale maestro, FaZe Clan and MFAM’s Nick ‘NICKMERCS’ Kolcheff got back into the groove and decided it was time to compare his favorite BR titles. Of course, with so many followers, the MFAM audience deserves an explanation for the change in content.

While the popular streamer built his following in Epic Games’ unique title, his Twitch following grew to a whopping 4.6 million followers with thanks to months spent popping off on Verdansk. Having hosted, participated, and won Warzone tournaments in that span, he’s flown into the world’s top 15 most-followed Twitch streamers.

But, with Call of Duty’s sights set on the Black Ops Cold War release, Warzone has lost some lustre and NICKMERCS has returned to the consistently-updated Fortnite. Fittingly, he proceeded to explain that those updates give Fortnite an edge over Warzone.

It took Nick some time to get used to Fortnite’s mechanics, as he and SypherPK delved into the differences between the two games’ aim assists and how exponential and linears differ between the two. Ultimately, despite the discomfort upon switching over, the BR aficionado found himself loving it.

To explain his intentions in trying Fortnite again, NICKMERCS minced no words: “Listen, the current state over on the Call of Duty side of things is not looking good. There was supposed to be a big update coming in December, we haven’t heard anything about that. Really not good.”

And then, to contrast why Fortnite feels like the superior BR right now, he couldn’t help but give props to Epic Games’ consistent content delivery: “On the other hand, for Fortnite, there’s big-time updates and map changes right around the corner before Christmas.”

Fortnite Item Shop
Epic Games
Fortnite’s shop gets consistent action, while Warzone’s is very quiet right now.

Fortnite and Apex Legends follow a similar format as titles, where the game is free and updated seasonally. Warzone was Call of Duty’s successful effort to do the same, but things became complicated by BOCW’s release.

Now, Warzone’s seasonal content schedule has been disrupted by Activision’s focus on selling BOCW. The company is trying to get the best of both worlds: a free battle royale’s player base with the money of an annual title like FIFA, Madden, and NBA 2K franchises.

By putting their money into BOCW tournaments and content, CoD seems to have pushed NICKMERCS to return to a game that, distraction-free, is regularly putting out content.