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How to perfect controller sniping on Warzone with ‘drag scoping’ trick

Published: 26/Jul/2020 13:51

by Connor Bennett


Taking a sniper into Warzone in order to dominate can be a recipe for success, but, there a few advanced techniques that can take you to the next level. Here’s how you can master the art of drag scoping on controller.

When it comes to winning games of Warzone, everyone has different tactics. Some players are all about attack and racking kills, while others prefer to post up and let the action unfold around them, strictly focused on the win.

However, there is one constant in every match – sniping. Verdansk is so vast, a long-range damage dealer is pretty much needed to win. Though, not everyone can end up with a montage of mind-blowing eliminations of quick scopes and collaterals.

Yet, there’s where YouTuber IceManIsaac comes into things, as he’d showed off a few tips about ‘drag scoping’ that could help you in Warzone. 

Sniping is a key to victory in Warzone.

How to master drag scoping in Warzone

The Call of Duty content creator noted that the way aim assist works in Warzone differently to how many players think it does. You don’t snap on to other players with a controller, but instead, your aim slows when a target is in sight.

This is perfect for Warzone because with ‘drag scoping’ you can take down players who are on the run. All you really have to do is train yourself up and tweak your settings. 

Instead of hard scoping and posting up, IceManIsaac pointed out that if you draw a line across an enemy with your scope and then shoot when you feel the aim assist slow, or “drag”, you are likely to hit them. 

Getting the time right is obviously key, as the YouTuber adds, you will need to reduce the ‘dead zone’ in your settings. This will give you more control over the thumbsticks but the perfect number is based on your feel. This will let you make finer, micro-adjustments to your aim.

Obviously, a sniper that is set up for maneuverability and has a quick-moving scope will work better than something heavy, but the timing is the biggest key of all.

You don’t have to start getting wild and zooming past a player, just perfect when the aim assist slows and you’ll be on your way.

Call of Duty

Black Ops Cold War PlayStation-exclusive Zombies mode revealed

Published: 23/Oct/2020 18:41

by Tanner Pierce


Just a few short weeks ahead of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War’s official launch, Activision and Sony have announced a brand new Zombies: Onslaught mode. It will be exclusive to PlayStation consoles, at least for a little while, before coming to other platforms.

According to PlayStation, a new Black Ops Cold War Zombies mode titled Onslaught will be exclusively available to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 players for almost an entire year before coming to other platforms.

The mode itself is a simple variation of the classic Zombies experience: Two players will be dropped into maps from the game’s base multiplayer mode and will be forced to fight the undead in specific sections of the map, marked by a Dark Aether Orb. After taking out enough enemies, the section will move, forcing the player themselves to move as well.

Onslaught players will be dropped into multiplayer maps and forced to fight the undead.

Like the normal Zombies mode in Black Ops Cold War, players will be able to use their custom classes in Onslaught, allowing you to fight the way that you want. This is certainly a welcome addition, although an expected one.

During the match itself, different enemies will spawn in, including a type called Elites. Taking out these zombies is apparently be what players should shoot for (no pun intended) when fighting through Onslaught matches, as they’ll directly affect your ranking when you finish.

Depending on the rank you achieve, you’ll be able to earn rewards for both Multiplayer and Zombies, further bridging the two modes. Currently, it’s unknown exactly what the rewards are, although it’ll more than likely be calling cards, emblems, and weapon blueprints.

While this news is certainly exciting for PlayStation players, fans on Xbox and PC are going to, once again, be left in the dark until November 1, 2021. Modern Warfare’s Survival mode was exclusive to PS4 in 2019 and, while it ended up not being received very well, it was still a bummer for players on other platforms as it was content that was simply locked out.

Black Ops Cold War is set to release on PS4, PS5, the Xbox family of consoles, and PC on November 13, 2020.