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How to inspect weapons in Modern Warfare and Warzone

Published: 5/Aug/2020 11:30 Updated: 5/Aug/2020 21:19

by Jacob Hale


Modern Warfare and Warzone Season 5 is finally here, bringing a bunch of new features, items and changes to the game. The ability to inspect your weapon is one of them.

With the Season 5 update going live on August 5, players of both Modern Warfare multiplayer and Warzone are going to be experiencing some major changes.

While the Stadium is now fully opened up in Warzone, with players dropping in there at a rate of knots, and multiplayer is seeing a lot of traction on new 6v6 maps Suldal Harbor and Petrov Oil Rig, but one fun new feature is amassing lots of interest.


Modern Warfare Warzone Season 5 roadmap
There’s plenty of new content coming in Modern Warfare and Warzone Season 5.

While, in the past, if you wanted to inspect your weapon in Warzone or Modern Warfare, you would have to reload it while facing up into the sky, the game has now offered an actual ‘Inspect Weapon’ option, letting you check out your fresh new skin, charm or sticker in its entirety.

Obviously, a feature like this has multiple uses. As well as being able to view your decked-out weapon, you can use it to grab good-looking screenshots or style on the enemies you’ve knocked or killed in battle.

To inspect whichever weapon you’re carrying on console, all you have to do is hold down Left on the D-Pad for around 2 seconds, and it will tilt the gun up and turn it from left to right, allowing you to get a full view of everything on it. On PC, the process is exactly the same except you must hold down the I key for about 2 seconds.


Modern Warfare AX-50 weapon inspect
Now, you can see what your weapon really looks like in all its glory.

Obviously, timing is everything, so make sure you don’t do this in the heat of the moment and find yourself eliminated as a result — there’s nothing worse than acting cocky and a sweet dose of karma hitting you straight in the head.

With this new addition, it would be interesting to see if, at some point, you’ll be able to start applying your Battle Pass cosmetics such as charms and stickers to the other side of the gun as, right now, it just looks like an empty space, especially if you have no camo on the weapon itself.