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How to hijack enemy helicopters in Warzone using clever new trick

Published: 8/Jul/2020 23:32

by Theo Salaun


Perhaps no forbidden fruit is more tempting in Call of Duty: Warzone than hijacking an enemy’s helicopter, but a new trick has exposed how you can do just that.

The vehicles across Verdansk are notoriously dangerous when occupied by opponents, as even brushing against them will typically result in an instant down.

Helicopters can squash you, run you over, or simply slice you up with their blades. Still, you can bring some Mission Impossible energy to Warzone by covertly sneaking onto a helicopter before your enemy begins piloting it—allowing you a chance to hijack midair.

If you’ve got a C4 or rocket launcher handy, you can normally avoid death to an enemy’s helicopter with ease—although that’s complicated should the bad guys have a Trophy System in the backseat. But avoiding death is an entirely different challenge than stealing said helicopter for yourself.

Fortunately, ‘u/landylindo’ has revealed exactly how you can stealthily pull off a helicopter heist. Like all great spy movies, it’s crafty and wily, requiring that you stand on the helicopter before an enemy begins piloting it—the only way to circumvent the immediate death by vehicular contact.

In their clip, the player shows exactly what steps you need to pull off in order to make your midair hijacking a success.

How to hijack a Warzone helicopter

  1. Stand on the helicopter, where passengers would typically sit
  2. Wait until your enemy begins piloting the helicopter
  3. Shoot the unsuspecting pilot out of the helicopter
  4. Tap the “Enter Heli” input and enjoy your new, unscathed ride

Snuck into the enemy helicopter and hijacked it mid air from CODWarzone


It should be noted that this can be a niche trick, but one that can most certainly inject a tremendous supply of James Bond energy into your gameplay. Warzone is full of highly coveted helicopters, and this may be the only true way to steal one without outright destroying it.

If you’re on the ground and shoot a pilot out of their helicopter, the flying metal comes crashing down and the vehicle explodes—unless they’re already incredibly low to the ground. If you use a C4 or rocket launcher, the aircraft meets its end in the same way.

But if you’re feeling confident in your sabotage, then this is a fun trick to try out. You can sneak onto your enemy’s chopper, blow their minds by killing the pilot (hopefully surviving if they have any teammates onboard), and bring some Grand Theft Auto to Verdansk.

Call of Duty

Dr Disrespect explodes after stream snipers ruin charity Warzone event

Published: 22/Oct/2020 5:04

by Brad Norton


Dr Disrespect was all set and ready to go in Davis ‘Hitch’ Edwards’ $10,000 ‘Cracked Creators’ Warzone event, though his run was cut short due to pesky stream snipers that ruined his day.

The latest Warzone event threw elite players and content creators into Verdansk with a unique twist. Rather than forming their own teams, streamers had to pick their Duo from a list of “cracked” players.

From Seth ‘Scump’ Abner to Mason ‘Symfuhny’ Lanier, all of the biggest names were lined up to compete for a good cause. For most of them, the event went smoothly as they squared off with others in Warzone. For Dr Disrespect and his chosen partner ZLaner, things didn’t get off to a good start.

“It’s phony desperation everywhere,” Doc said in his very first round of action.

The pair ran into alleged stream snipers in the very first round, and after the Two-Time was executed out of nowhere he declared, “I’m never playing in another Warzone tournament without a delay, ever.”

Unfortunately for them, things didn’t improve over the next few rounds. Doc and ZLaner were unable to close out a single map win throughout their run in the event. They dropped two maps against Joseph ‘Merk’  DeLuca & Clint ‘Maven’ Evans before falling out of the lower bracket to Trevor May and Matthew ‘FormaL’ Piper.

“That is it for me today stream,” Doc said the moment their final tournament map came to an end. “I am literally losing brain cells.”

Opposing players had tracked down their location in every map just to be the ones to steal the moment. For the next event, Dr Disrespect assured that the duo will “throw the delay on” to prevent any more stream sniping shenanigans.

“After the first game I checked out,” he admitted.

“The tournament completely took me out of it. Lesson learned. I didn’t think it was gonna be that big of an issue… but it’s a horrifically large issue.”

It didn’t take long before Doc took aim at stream snipers on social media as well. He followed up with a hilariously scathing tweet to put them in their place, listing off insult after insult as only he could.

“Nothin like being stream sniped by a bunch of blonde banged, chubby-cheeked, inward kneed, desperation for attention, purple brace face, unathletic, D- grades, Cheeto bags constantly emptied wannabe gamers… during a charity tournament,” he posted during the Oct. 21 event’s run-time.

Dr Disrespect and ZLaner weren’t the only ones impacted by the problem during the event. Jack ‘CouRage’ Dunlop also vented his frustrations, after losing every map he played in the Warzone competition as well.

“I’m officially retiring from Warzone tournaments,” he declared on Twitter.

Some Duos were able to have far more luck throughout the day, however. You can catch up on all of the final event results from Hitch’s “Cracked Creators” Warzone tournament in our official coverage hub here.