How to fix Warzone flashing screen glitch

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A pesky Warzone bug has reared its ugly head again, but fortunately, there is a more straightforward solution this time around.

Bugs are not new to Warzone. Players recently reported a server issue on Golden Plunder that removes most of the lobby in the middle of a round.

A strange Warzone pre-game lobby bug completely ruined matches at the beginning of July. Players were indefinitely stuck in a “Return to Combat Area” screen after wandering out of bounds before the game.

Players already suffered from getting stuck inside walls on Fortune’s Keep or spawning in the gas. The latest bug is annoying but not game-breaking like the issues above.

overhead view of fortune's keep map in cod warzoneActivision
Fortune’s Map has done wonders for Warzone since the Map launched.

How to fix the Warzone flashing screen glitch

Reddit user amphelman posted a clip showing a flashing light overtaking their entire screen.

An immediate reaction would be to close the application and restart, but there is an even easier solution.

One user said, “it will happen on any reflective surface as far as I can tell. I have seen it happen to guns, stair railings, and fences from time to time.”

To fix the issue, all players have to do is switch their weapon in the create a class screen.

A player tried that method and stated, “I switched to my favorite weapon and got it. Thank you.”

If the issue persists in the match, you may need to do a complete restart, but changing weapons should fix the problem.