Golden Plunder server issue is kicking Warzone players from games

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Warzone players report ‘game breaking’ server issues with the Plunder game mode.

Raven Software added Plunder back into Warzone on July 21. Warzone Season 4 added a variation of Plunder called Golden Plunder. The Limited Time mode has players collect cash and deposit it into their stash throughout the game.

Golden Plunder adds 20 more players than the original game mode. The winner is decided according to which team retains the most cash. $5,000,000 is the target cash amount.

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Some Warzone players laud Plunder as one of the best game modes. However, a server glitch makes the game mode unplayable.

Warzone players slam Plunder server glitch

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Getting the Golden Keycard itself could probe to be quite troublesome if luck isn’t on your side.

Reddit user X_R_Y_U reported an issue with Golden Plunder, claiming they were disconnected from three straight matches.

X_R_Y_U showed the message that displayed halfway through the matches, saying they lost connection to the server.

Other users chimed in the comments about their own problems playing the mode.

One noted that they didn’t have these sorts of issues on Resurgence, “but for some reason, Plunder crashed every game I played.”

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In one extreme case, a player claimed, “I played a game of Plunder last night. After about eight minutes, everyone in the match times out. It was me, and I would say six other people in the match.”

Raven Software has not issued any statements regarding the issue.

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