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How to complete Warzone Risky Parkour challenge in gold time

Published: 29/Aug/2020 14:43

by Daniel Cleary


A new Season 5 event called the “Games of Summer” has added new trials to Warzone for players to complete. Here’s what you’ll need to get a gold time in the Risky Parkour challenge.

Warzone’s mid-Season 5 Reloaded update introduced plenty of new content to the battle royale such as the new Finn LMG, King Slayer playlist, and more.

It was also announced that Infinity Ward would release a new ‘Games of Summer’ event, which would put a new spin on Modern Warfare’s Trials mode.

Infinity Ward
More trials will be available in the Games of Summer event soon.

This new summer event allows players to represent their country, as your performances in the trials will add to your region’s overall score, as well as offering plenty of rewards upon completion.


However, as these trials can be quite difficult, particularly for those looking to finish their run with a Gold medal, Call of Duty YouTuber Speros shared some tips and gameplay, revealing just how players could get gold in Warzone’s first active trial, Risky Parkour.

Although similar courses have been added in past seasons, this new Risky Parkour trial is possibly the most challenging one yet. Here are some tips that can help you get gold.

How to get gold in Warzone’s Risky Parkour challenge

  1. Make use of the practice tool to get a feel for the course.
  2. Go to your settings menu and enable automatic sprint.
  3. Sparingly use your tactical sprint for longer jumps at tricky parts of the course.
  4. The timer does not start until your first checkpoint, so line up your first few jumps before you start.
  5. Keep practicing! It will take some time to master the course.

Trial run starts at 2:48

It is quite unlikely that you will get gold first try but if you follow these steps you should be able to shave more time off with every attempt.


Infinity Ward is also offering a Legendary Grau 5.56 weapon blueprint as a reward, for anyone who manages to earn 5 gold medals during the event.

For more tricks on getting gold medals during the rest of Games of Summer challenges, you can check out top tips guide here.