How long does it take to earn Specialist abilities in Black Ops 4?

. 3 years ago

Specialists play a huge role in the Multiplayer modes of Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 as each one has one Equipment and Ability that can both be game-changing.

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At the beginning of every Multiplayer match, players choose one of the 11 Specialist they want to use and then can unlock them during the game by accumulating score and time. 

However, the amount of score and/or time needed to unlock them not only varies for each Specialist, but they are not explicitly listed in-game for players to look up.

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That considered, we have put together a graphic for you that shows how long it takes to earn each Specialist with and without the Equipment Charge gear equipped.

Equipment Charge reduces the time it takes to earn both a Specialist’s Equipment and Ability by 33%, however it does take up a spot that players normally save for Stim Shots or Acoustic Sensors. 

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Before presenting the full breakdown, it’s important to note that score also has a major effect on how long it takes to unlock each Specialist. However, this only applies to the Ability and not Equipment, which is based only on time and can only be sped up via the Equipment Charge device. 

In terms of the score’s effect, each 100 points earned will usually net around 30 seconds of time off from the Ability cooldown, but this does not directly translate to a set EKIA number since different game modes grant different amounts of points per elimination. 

Keep in mind that the values below are based solely on time played in a match and not accumulated score.

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