Hitch leaves OpTic Gaming and explains why “OpTic as you know it” is over

Joe Craven

Ex-OpTic Gaming content creator and videographer Davis ‘Hitch’ Edwards has explained why OpTic as we all know it is over, in an emotional video, amid uncertainty surrounding the organization.

The future of fan-favorite organization OpTic Gaming has been up in the air since the news broke that Infinite Esports was selling to Immortals back in June

In the months since, a number of prominent names have left the OpTic brand, including Marcus ‘MBoZe’ Blanks and James ‘Spratt’ Spratt. Now, Hitch has confirmed his departure, and explained why OpTic as we all know it, is over. 

Instagram: hitchariideHitch has been a staple member of the Greenwall for four years.

In a YouTube video uploaded on August 30 entitled ‘Leaving OpTic Gaming’, Hitch does his best to articulate the situation surrounding OpTic and why he – and a number of others – have recently left the Greenwall. 

Hitch explained that he has been joking about the situation to make it more manageable, before simply stating that “OpTic is no more.” 

“The Infinite thing happened, didn’t work out,” he said. “The Immortals thing started, it reminded me a lot of the Infinite thing. A lot of us just didn’t want to play ball, so it’s time to leave.” 

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Many OpTic members stated that Infinite’s takeover back in 2017 led to a number of false promises and negative changes within the brand. Then, in mid-2019, Infinite was purchased by Immortals, despite founder H3CZ also tabling a bid to buy OpTic back. 

“OpTic as we know it, as you guys know it, has – I think that’s it,” he continued. “I think the plan for the name in the future is to become a Call of Duty team in LA.” 

While much surrounding the Call of Duty franchise league is unclear, it sounds like the Los Angeles spot purchased for OpTic Gaming will in some way feature the “OpTic” name, but this is the only part of the Greenwall that will remain. While previously a brand for content creation and other esports, Hitch confirms that’s all but over. 

MLGOpTic’s CoD roster seems to be the only part of OpTic Gaming that’s staying put.

However, he retains some optimism, explaining that OpTic isn’t really dead. “It’s more than just a logo, it’s more than just the green and black. It’s like a mindset, a mentality, and a family.”

He explained that he wants people to emerge from the mist and start new things, using MiDNiTE as an example. 

Among other topics, Hitch explained that he was frustrated by the “shitty stuff” that happened during 2018, but that OpTic has propelled people to do great things,  even if not officially under the OpTic banner. 

While OpTic Gaming may no longer be operating as the organization we have all grown to love, the content creators and people remain the same. As Hitch perfectly summarizes: “We were part of something wonderful. And just because that logo doesn’t exist anymore, in the way that we want it too, doesn’t mean that anything changes.” 

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