Halo legend Frosty confirms he is switching to competitive CoD for Black Ops 4


Two time Halo world champion Bradley ‘Frosty’ Bergstrom has revealed that he will be transitioning to competitive Call of Duty for the Black Ops 4 season, as Halo 5 is almost finished competitively.

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Frosty has been competing at the highest level in Halo since 2014, and after joining CLG in late 2015, he quickly cemented himself as one of the very best players.

Over a two year span, Frosty won thirteen events as part of the CLG/OpTic Gaming dynasty, with six runner up placements too. They won back to back world championships in 2016 and 2017, and were one of the most dominant rosters ever in Halo, rivalled only by the likes on Final Boss.

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Frosty, with teammates Mathew ‘Royal2’ Fiorante, Paul ‘Snakebite’ Duarte and Tony ‘LethuL’ Campbell, came 2nd at the 2018 world championship, and with Halo 5 competitive reaching it’s final days as fans await Halo 6, it looks like Frosty is making the permanent switch to CoD.

During a recent live stream, Frosty explained that he was making the switch, saying he was following in the footsteps of former Halo pro turned world champion CoD player, Matthew ‘FormaL’ Piper.

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“I’m discount FormaL, I’ve got to do it, got to follow in his footsteps”, Frosty said, going on to say that he is currently “finalizing things” with a roster for Black Ops 4.

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Frosty goes on to explain that with HCS Finals in Atlanta being the final Halo 5 event planned, he believes that it is time for him to permanently move on to CoD, where he hopes to “establish” himself.

“Hopefully I can be established in CoD, so that I don’t have to play Halo 6. I mean I want to, but if I’m established in CoD, and have a good team, I’m not going to like, switch back to Halo. I’d rather compete in CoD.”

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If Frosty is set on moving to competitive CoD, there is a high chance that other top Halo professionals are also at least considering the possibility, especially with no further Halo 5 events expected after Atlanta.

It is unclear where it would leave Halo esports should a number of the best and most recognized names were to migrate to Call of Duty, but there is no doubt that skills from Halo are transferable to Call of Duty.

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Players like Ian ‘Crimsix’ Porter, Ian ‘Enable’ Wyatt and the aforementioned FormaL are some of the very best Call of Duty players, and so it is an exciting prospect to have Frosty see if he can follow in their footsteps.

Team Envy player Cuyler ‘Huke’ Garland even transitioned from CoD to Halo, where he was one of the very best players, and is now back to CoD, remaining one of the top talents.

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One slight issue facing Frosty, is that Black Ops 4 releases on October 12, while the HCS finals take place on November 16, meaning he will be unable to make the switch until Black Ops 4 is already a month old. The first Black Ops 4 event is on December 7, 2018.