H3CZ explains why he’s kept quiet on OpTic Gaming buyout situation

Calum Patterson
HECZ / YouTube

OpTic Gaming CEO Hector ‘H3CZ‘ Rodriguez has finally returned to his regular upload schedule on YouTube, and upon his return explained his almost two-week silence as rumors of his organization being bought out by Immortals swirled.

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OpTic parent company Infinite Esports & Entertainment is currently attempting to sell the brand, with rival esports organization Immortals front-runners in the takeover bid.

H3CZ himself is also believed to be making attempts to secure the brand personally again, or, failing this, to be on board with the Immortals acquisition, returning to the day-to-day operation of OpTic.

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OpTic Gaming - YouTubeH3CZ has been working “behind the scenes” as the future of OpTic remains uncertain.

Since news of the potential buyout surfaced, H3CZ has remained tight-lipped, leaving many fans on edge as their favorite team appeared to be on the brink of total collapse.

A solitary Tweet on May 21 from Rodriguez reaffirmed that he “was trying”, but what exactly these efforts were remained unclear.

In his May 28 vlog however, he has been more blunt, stating frankly: “I’m getting out of the way right now – I don’t know.

“As of this moment, right now, I don’t know. The reason I haven’t uploaded for as long as I haven’t is simple – a lot of questions are out there that I can’t personally answer, or I could, I just can’t.”

Clip begins at 0:39 for mobile users. 

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H3CZ goes on to say that had he uploaded video content to YouTube during this time, he would have been giving fans “entertainment without any context or any substance”.

“I decided to let things continue to progress, to work behind the scene, and focus all my efforts into one specific project”, H3CZ said, explaining that he didn’t want to be ‘distracted’ by uploading his traditional daily vlog.

On the 30th episode of his Eavesdrop Podcast, with long time OpTic member Davis ‘Hitch’ Edwards, H3CZ went into more detail than ever before about the past 12 months, a turbulent period for the organization.

Although much of his personal feelings are now laid out, the future of the brand remains uncertain, and there appear to be forces at work out of H3CZ’s control.

Disclaimer: Hector ‘H3CZ’ Rodriguez is a minority shareholder in Dexerto Ltd.