Get better at Black Ops 4 with these loadout tips from CoD pros Attach and Apathy

Call of Duty professionals Apathy and Attach have released new videos helping players find the best weapons and perks in Black Ops 4.

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Apathy is the current World Champion and also won CoD Champs the last time Treyarch released a game in Black Ops 3, so he knows his way around the Black Ops series.

Although he is primarily a speedy SMG player, the early dominance of ARs in Black Ops 4 has caused Apathy to create only one SMG class.

He recommends using the Saug if you must use an SMG and the Dexterity perk is almost a must have on all classes.

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Apathy suggests the Vapr and Maddox ARs as SMG hybrids for players who still want to play fast in an AR heavy game. He suggests the ICR for use in a traditional AR role.

Despite Body Armor causing controversy with how strong it was in the beta, a series of nerfs from Treyarch has caused Apathy to recommend running Stim in your gear slot.

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Attach is also a high speed SMG player and has won multiple titles in his career, including the 2015 CoD Championship.

Unlike Apathy, Attach targeted his video more towards those looking for a class to use in public lobbies instead of competitive.

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He is not ready to give up on subs in Black Ops 4 and prefers to use the MX-9 and Spitfire SMGs, featuring them in his first three classes.

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When it comes to competitive play, Attach hinted that the ICR, Vapr, and Maddox will be heavily used.

Finally, he showed off his Auger DMR set up from Black Ops 4’s new class of weapons, called Tactical Rifles. The Auger is a semi-auto weapon that eliminates players in three shots.

Like Apathy, Attach was using Stim instead of Body Armor on all his classes.

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