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Frustrating Black Ops Cold War bug sticks players in the sky on Sanatorium

Published: 15/Jan/2021 11:58

by Jacob Hale


Within hours of the new mid-season update in Black Ops Cold War and Warzone, players were being faced with an incredibly frustrating bug that is getting them stuck in the sky when respawning into the new Sanatorium map.

Sanatorium arrived in the January 14 update as a new map for the Fireteam Dirty Bomb game mode, and there’s even rumors that it could contribute to a new Warzone map, though no leak or reliable source has said as much so far.

Sanatorium offers large-scale warfare that brings in a huge number of players and, generally, is being well received by the community.


That said, it’s clearly going to have some growing pains as most new features in games do, but this one really is ruining the game for players — both those affected by it as well as those who have to play against it.

black ops cold war sanatorium boat
Sanatorium arrived but instantly gave players a hard time.

A large number of players are reporting that when they respawn and are dropping back into Sanatorium, it’s like there’s an invisible floor holding them up in the sky, unable to drop all the way down and rejoin the battle.

This is clearly a major issue, with several threads across social media of players complaining about being affected, and it looks about as ridiculous as it sounds.


As you see in the clip below, imisslandryttp and their team were simply walking around in mid-air, miles above the ground, able to throw projectiles and equipment down but not actually being able to engage in gunfights on the ground.

Walking on sunshine! from r/blackopscoldwar

It’s a truly bizarre issue, and this is just one example of many, ruining the game for people who were looking forward to dropping into some brand new content.

That said, it’s definitely something Treyarch will be looking to fix as soon as possible — this is as close to game-breaking as it gets without literally crashing the game, and has helped dampen the excitement of the new update.