Former CoD World Champion KiLLa had a hilarious reaction to secret passageway in Black Ops 4

Adam ‘KiLLa’ Sloss had his mind blown while playing Black Ops 4 when he realized how much control he has over the buildings on the Hacienda map.

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While playing a private match with his friend, he discovered the control panels all over the building that give the player tons of options to change the layout of the place.

Most of the panels open and close doors, but at least one turns on and off the fountain in the outside courtyard.

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Upon figuring this out, KiLLa had a pretty hilarious reaction just staring into his camera as if to say, “chat, did you all know about this? Why didn’t you tell me?”

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After the clip, he keeps searching around the map looking for any little exploit that may give an edge in an actual game.

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KiLLa, a 2013 Call of Duty World Champion while playing with Fariko Impact, mostly focuses on streaming now as he raises two kids, but he is still an active member of Krisis Gaming.

His VOD of this stream is a good place for players to see an exploration of the different maps and try to gain an edge before the rest of the lobby catches up with all the valuable little tricks that each map hides.

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