First Black Ops 4 Competitive Event Announced Plus Season Reveal Livestream at Treyarch

Calum Patterson. Last updated: Aug 19, 2018

The first CWL event of the Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 season has been announced, set for Las Vegas on December 7-9, as well as the reveal livestream for what the competitive season has in store for 2019.

Black Ops 4 is set for release on October 12, giving players and teams almost two months to gear up for the first event – a month longer than is typical – but details on how the game will play in competitive are still sparse.

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The ruleset, team sizes (possibly 5v5), map sets, and any major changes to the competitive scene will be revealed on September 19, live from Treyarch Studios.

The announcement was made just before the grand final of the 2018 CWL Championship, where Evil Geniuses and Team Kaliber faced off in the final event of WWII.

Watch the announcement from CWL commentator Clint “Maven”Evans below.

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The reveal will be live streamed on Twitch, and fans, community figures and players will be braced for some potentially major changes to competitive Call of Duty.

CWL Las Vegas is the first return to Sin City since the first event of the Infinite Warfare season in late 2016.

The community has been speculating that a possible change to five man rosters may come into effect, as public matches in Black Ops 4 have been made 5v5, as opposed to the traditional 6v6.

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Treyarch’s co-studio head Dan Bunting earlier hinted at the potential for 5v5 competitive play, saying he thinks that “5v5 will appeal to competitive players”.

But it would be a very drastic change, that could possibly have a negative effect on gameplay, and of course roster decisions.

September 19 should answer all the questions, and given Treyarch’s track record of being very involved with the esports side of Call of Duty, fans will be optimistic for a good season.