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FaZe Cellium interview: the MVP race, CDL Champs meta, and Pop Smoke

Published: 24/Jul/2020 18:33 Updated: 12/Aug/2020 22:07

by Theo Salaun


The Atlanta FaZe flex and Call of Duty League MVP candidate, McArthur ‘Cellium’ Jovan, discussed the MVP race, FaZe’s place in a new CDL meta, and more in an interview with Dexerto.

Cellium has been on an absolute tear this season. His team is ranked No. 1 in the CDL, his K/D sits at a pretty 1.14, and his name sits atop the majority of MVP lists. 

Atlanta has 250 CDL Points and goes into a stacked final event, the Toronto Home Series, at 23-6, but have lost three of their last five matches. Before their chance to cement the top seed, we spoke with Cellium about everything from how FaZe and the league are impacted by a double-AR meta to the MVP race and his current pregame hype song.

The MVP Race

You’re known for that clutch factor, but also for being consistent and versatile. Do you consider yourself the best player in the league or is there someone with more impact?

“I think it’s different for every team, I think every team has the player that they need. Our whole team needs each other, so I wouldn’t be in the position that I’m in without my teammates. I think MajorManiak, Simp, aBeZy, and Priestahh — they all put me in great spots to clutch up when I need to and get the kills that I get.”

Who do you think is your biggest competition for MVP?

“I haven’t seen the other three candidates, but the only one I know right now is Shotzzy and I think he’s a really good MVP candidate.”

Based on this past weekend’s broadcast graphic, the other three are Envoy, Mack, and Skyz. Is anyone missing from the list?

“Simp is missing from that list.”

[The CDL has since updated its MVP candidates to include Simp instead of Mack.]

Speaking of the league’s best, are you the best SND player in the CDL?

“Nah I don’t think so, cause I lost a few clutches this last tournament. It’s probably a sniper or something.”

Who’s the most consistent player?

“Probably Simp.”

Clutchest player?

[Laughs] “Probably me.”

The double-AR meta

The CDL meta shifted to more AR-heavy, slightly slowing the pace and, by your standards, you guys had a disappointing event. Looking toward Toronto and Champs, do you think this meta hurts FaZe more than others and how are you adapting to it?

“This new meta, the two-AR meta, it kind of hurt us but we’re getting used to it—with Preston having a second AR. I think it’s going to help us now that we’re used to it. I think our whole team is comfortable now with the guns we’re using.”

Cellium FaZe
Call of Duty League
Cellium locks in during one of the CDL’s LAN events.

Seeing Arcitys and Clayster both look more comfortable on AR, do you think the other top three teams (Chicago Huntsmen, Dallas Empire, and Florida Mutineers) are better suited to this meta?

“Other teams have improved for sure with the new meta. But I think people underestimate MajorManiak and Priestahh with their ARs. People underestimate them a lot and focus on Simp and aBezY because they’re the crackheads. I feel like people don’t know how good Priestahh and MajorManiak really are with the ARs.”

Who do you think is the toughest competition in the league moving forward?

“There’s a lot of tough competition out there right now. There are four teams that can win this whole thing, you know? There’s a lot of good teams, but the Huntsmen, Dallas, and Florida are the main three.”

Of Chicago, Dallas, and Florida — does one stand out or are they all on the same tier?

“Nah, our whole team thinks they’re all on the same tier. If our team plays right, then we can beat anyone.”

People generally think that your team is the league’s most talented, but plays sloppily due to the ability to just slay out anyway. Do you agree that your fundamental teamplay has been subpar and has that been a point of emphasis to work on?

“For sure. In the past weeks of practice, the main thing we’ve been focusing on is our communication. I feel like, in the past, our communication was pretty bad — just all of us saying stuff at once. But I think we’ve all learned how to calm down and say things one at a time so that we can know what each other is doing.”

The nitty, gritty wrap-up

So…it has to be asked. Assuming you saw the iLLeY impersonator on The Codcast, were you vexed?

[Laughs] “Nah I wasn’t mad, I was laughing at it when I watched the clip.”

Favorite pregame music?

“I don’t know, I listen to whatever’s on my playlist. Right now, it’s “For the Night” by Pop Smoke.”

Any game-day superstitions?

“I don’t think so, the only thing I need before a game is just to have the AC around 70. Not too hot.”

Despite his team’s struggles in their past two events, Cellium still hasn’t finished a single event with a negative K/D. Now, he and FaZe meet the test of a Toronto field stacked with the likes of Chicago, Dallas, and Florida — a chance to lock in a top seed and convince voters that Cellium is the league’s MVP.

He might not like it too hot, but it’s time for FaZe to prove they can fry again.

Call of Duty

Best LW3 Tundra loadout for Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

Published: 26/Nov/2020 0:46

by Tanner Pierce


Despite not being everyone’s favorite sniper rifle in Black Ops Cold War, the LW3 Tundra is still a respectable choice because it packs a bigger punch than its fellow bolt-action rifle, the Pelington 703. Here’s what you need to build one of the best loadouts for the Tundra.

Right now, if you were to ask people to think about sniper rifles in Black Ops Cold War, most people would probably think about the Pelington 703. Of the two bolt-action sniper rifles in the game (as of November 25, 2020, at least), it’s the one first unlocked, has better base statistics, and a faster aim-down-speed than the Tundra.

Despite this, however, the Tundra is still a formidable weapon. While the Pelington is a one-shot kill to head and chest, the Tundra is a one-shot kill to both — as well as to shoulders, making it a heavy hitter. Further, you can capitalize on certain attachments to make its speed comparable to the Pelington.

Best LW3 Tundra

There’s an easy way to make a high-speed loadout for the Tundra.

This loadout is meant for speed, which is what you need to improve for such a hefty sniper. You want to be able to have some decent mobility, while at the same time having the option for quick-scoping if you need it. By the end of this, most of the “speed” bar in the stats section of the weapon should be filled out.

In order to best take advantage of this speed, you’ll want to use the Gunfighter wildcard in order to get three extra attachments on your primary. We won’t be using all three though, due to the fact that an optic isn’t really needed, but you can add one if you’d like.

  • Muzzle: Stabilizer .308
  • Barrel: 25.8 Rapid Fire
  • Body: Steady Aim Laser
  • Underbarrel: Infiltrator Grip
  • Magazine: Fast Mag
  • Handle: Serpent Wrap
  • Stock: Raider Pad

For the muzzle, the Stabilizer .308 is your best bet. It’s the first attachment you unlock and it provides immediate control over your idle sway, aka a CoD sniper’s worst enemy after ADS speed. Getting a slight handle on that is worth it at the end of the day, not just for the Tundra, but for almost every sniper in BOCW.

With the barrel, you’ll want the 25.8 Rapid Fire, as it will increase your fire-rate slightly with absolutely no downside whatsoever, just like the aforementioned muzzle. Taking advantage of those positives without having any downsides is always a win.

For the body, this theme continues with the Steady Aim Laser. The use of this attachment is mainly to offset the stock you’ll use, which negatively impacts your hip fire accuracy by 30%. The Steady Aim Laser effectively negates that disadvantage by boosting it back up by the same amount.

The Tundra is still a formidable weapon in BOCW, despite handling heavier than the Pelington.

For the underbarrel, you’ll want the Infiltrator Grip. This gives slight boosts to your movement, shooting move speed, and aim walking movement speed, all of which helps with the sniper role in CoD games. Like the other attachments, there’s once again no downsides.

You’ll also want a Fast Mag on the Tundra. While that means you won’t have extra ammo to use up before you have to reload, the reloads in and of themselves will be improved, thanks to a 25-percent upgrade on your speed. Considering the pattern, it’s pretty easy to guess that, just like the other attachments, this one also has no negatives.

The loadout also takes advantage of the Serpent Wrap handle for the weapon. This increases your ADS time by about 10 percent, giving you an easier way to quick-scope if you need to. Unfortunately, it does come at the cost of 10 percent of your sprint-to-fire speed, but that can be made up with this next attachment.

The last thing you’ll need for this set-up is the Raider Pad stock. This boosts the aforementioned sprint-to-fire time by 30% and also the aim walking movement speed by 40%. As previously mentioned, this attachment also hurts your hip-fire accuracy, but that’s balanced by using the steady aim laser.

Keep it locked to Dexerto for more Black Ops Cold War weapon loadouts.