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Everything You Need to Know About CoD: WWII DLC 4 ‘Shadow War’ – New Maps, Release Date, and More

Published: 23/Aug/2018 17:08 Updated: 23/Aug/2018 17:09

by DG Goldstein


Sledgehammer Games has officially announced ‘Shadow War’ as the fourth DLC in Call of Duty: WWII.

The DLC pack is scheduled to release first on the PlayStation 4 on August 28 and will contain three multiplayer maps, one War Operation, and one Nazi Zombies Experience.

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At the time of writing, it is unknown when Shadow War will release on other platforms, but it typically takes around 30 days for DLC to reach the Xbox One and PC, due to an exclusivity deal between Activision and Sony

Below, we have included a full list of all the new content included in Shadow War, including the newly-released trailer.


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Shadow War – Call of Duty WWII DLC #4

Multiplayer Maps

  • Airship: Set in a secret enemy base high in the Alps, Airship takes the battle to new heights. Fight for control of the docked zeppelin, or take your chances running along a treacherous cliff, where one slip up can lead to an unfortunate trip down the mountain that will end in a respawn.
  • Chancellery: The enemy forces have taken hold of a French Chancellery, but they won’t expect a chaotic firefight in the middle of the night. Wrest control of the stronghold’s main courtyard, while covering your team from the flanking pathways to the map’s main area for this epic night-time brawl behind enemy lines.
  • Excavation: In an Algerian mine, the enemy stockpiled priceless art and gold from their European conquests. The battle will ensue around these pillaged goods, the dunes of a tank graveyard, and rock outcroppings scattered around the map.

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War Operation

  • Operation Arcane: On top of these Multiplayer experiences, there is also Operation Arcane, a new War Mode Mission that will take players deep within a secret enemy research facility in the Austrian mountains. Allied Forces players will be tasked with infiltrating this lab, stealing enemy secrets and schematics and finally destroying whatever classified technology remains in a hanger full of UFOs.
    Of course, being that it is a research facility, there are a few clandestine weapons, such as the Tesla Gun, and mysterious super soldier serums that players can use to help turn the tide of battle.

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Nazi Zombies

  • Frozen Dawn: Shadow War also includes Frozen Dawn, the final chapter to the epic Call of Duty: WWII Nazi Zombies story. In this experience, we rejoin Marie, Drostan, Olivia and Jefferson as they try to stop an incredible evil once and for all. Acquiring the Sword of Barbarossa has not put an end to the undead threat. A darker and more powerful threat lurks in the depths of Thule. In the unfathomable depths of a lost city, our heroes are humanity’s last hope of ending the cult of Thule. Luckily, they will have a few secret weapons to help put the ancient rulers of the world to rest.