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Every Scorestreak in Black Ops Cold War confirmed so far

Published: 13/Sep/2020 14:41 Updated: 14/Sep/2020 16:32

by Joe Craven


With Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War now revealed, here’s a look at every confirmed scorestreak in Treyarch’s upcoming installment. 

Any Call of Duty player will know just how important scorestreaks are to the average multiplayer map – especially in Treyarch games. The Black Ops Cold War devs are known as the masterminds of some of CoD’s most famous streaks: the Swarm, K9 Unit and R.A.P.S just to name a few.

Scorestreaks have been one of the most talked-about aspects following Black Ops Cold War’s multiplayer reveal, with Treyarch confirming an overhaul of the long-established formula for earning them in-game. What’s more is the reversion to scorestreaks, rather than killstreaks.

Tanks in BOCW, next to the game's logo
Black Ops Cold War will feature tanks, too.

Despite the changes to how they are earned, many will be familiar to the veterans of the Call of Duty series. A few new ones have so far emerged, though, like the Air Patrol streak which appears an incredibly effective way to prevent opposition scorestreaks from dominating the skies.

At first glance, they have obscenely high points required to earn them, but bear in mind the new system of earning them, which includes a cool-down period for every streak.

All Black Ops Cold War Scorestreaks (so far)

  • RC-XD: 600 score, 90 secs cooldown
  • Spy Plane: 800 score, 90 secs cooldown
  • Artillery: 1900 score, 90 secs cooldown
  • Napalm Strike: 2400 score, 90 secs cooldown
  • Air Patrol: 2750 score, 90 secs cooldown
  • War Machine: 3150 score, 90 secs cooldown
  • Attack Helicopter: 3750 score, 90 secs cooldown
  • Chopper Gunner: 6000 score, 90 secs cooldown

It’s worth remembering that this list is in no way definitive. Far more scorestreaks will feature in the full game, and the values accompanying them could very well change too.

Treyarch have been known to adjust the score required as a balancing factor, once it becomes clear how the scorestreaks fit into general multiplayer. The cooldowns of the streaks, too, could be adjusted depending on their popularity and ease of acquisition.

Leak hints at fan favorite scorestreaks returning

Since the publication of this article, we’ve seen a host of other scorestreaks rumored to be returning. Past leaks from Tom Henderson (previously known as LongSensation) have stated that a number of Black Ops specialist weapons will return as scorestreaks. These have included the flamethrower that was known as the Purifier when in the hands of Firebreak.

This was seconded by reputable leaker ‘TheMW2Ghost’, who named a flamethrower among unconfirmed scorestreaks that have featured in various builds. He also claimed an attack dog (or a pack of dogs) “should be” in the final game, while an Advanced Spy Plane will also feature. Other streaks included the Sniper’s Nest from Black Ops 4 and a Radar Jammer.

While excitement has, understandably, been generated with these leaks, they are not among the confirmed scorestreaks just yet.

We’ll of course have the latest on Black Ops Cold War multiplayer as more scorestreaks are revealed. The game itself is set to drop on November 13.

Call of Duty

Game-breaking Warzone bug is teleporting players around Verdansk

Published: 25/Oct/2020 20:43

by Theo Salaun


Call of Duty: Warzone players are no strangers to bugs, but a new teleportation one is catching them by surprise and suddenly making them strangers in foreign lands across Verdansk.

It’s hard to iron out every single bug and issue in a game, and even harder when the game is periodically receiving massive updates with new cosmetics, modes, and locations. As such, it’s no surprise that Modern Warfare and Warzone’s developers at Infinity Ward have an extensive backlog of problems they’re still trying to fix.

Unlike some of the game’s earlier big bugs, like the frustrating Heartbeat Sensor glitch or “demon gun” nightmare, this teleportation one seems to have gone completely under the developers’ radar. 

In the clip below, a player is seen trying to break through a window in one section of the map before suddenly, practically instantaneously, being teleported across the map. It’s very surprising, very confusing, and, apparently, very new.

A sweet new teleportation feature… from CODWarzone

While Infinity Ward is typically very transparent with their tasks, piling known issues into a publicly available Trello Board, this teleportation bug has not cracked the list. This could very well mean that this is a recent issue that the encumbered developers remain unaware of.

As shown by Reddit’s ‘DandruffMuffin,’ they are in an attic in one of the houses atop Dam when they casually try to break through a window and escape toward the Fire Station. In what looks like a poorly spliced together series of clips, the window-breaking animation is delayed by a couple of seconds while the game’s surrounding landscape loads up.

warzone promenade
Infinity Ward
Imagine, in one second, going from snowy Dam all the way to…Promenade?

Once those smooth textures turn into real graphics, it’s revealed that DandruffMuffin is not a horrible video editor, but the subject of a new fast travel system entirely unrelated to the new Verdansk subway line. Seconds after being in a house above Dam, they are teleported hundreds of meters away from their teammate to the middle of the road near Promenade and the Hills.

It’s as bizarre a bug as they get and you get that feeling very visibly from DandruffMuffin’s confused reactions. As of yet, Infinity Ward has not responded to this issue and no one seems certain about its causes.