eUnited CoD pros Clayster and Prestinni clash with Parasite over scrim

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Call of Duty professionals James ‘Clayster’ Eubanks, Preston ‘Prestinni’ Sanderson and Chris ‘Parasite’ Duarte appeared to get heated on social media following scrim matches, but Prestinni insists it’s “not that deep”.

Call of Duty pros clash over ‘shooting bodies’

Three prominent CoD pros exchanged insults on Twitter after a dispute over a scrim match. Clayster and Prestinni are both currently part of eUnited, while Parasite plays as an AR for Midnight Esports, having joined in March 2019.

The dispute started on April 20, with Clayster simply instructing Parasite not to “shoot my teammates body”, after a killcam showed the Midnight player lacing Prestinni’s character model with bullets. ‘Shooting bodies’ in multiplayer shooters is generally interpreted as a sign of gloating and disrespect toward the opponent.

Clayster’s tweet prompted Parasite to reply, who criticized Prestinni’s play, stating that his teammate [Prestinni] was chasing “red dots and hitting scrap for no reason”. This brought Prestinni into the argument, who quickly fired back.

“I was literally rotated you dip shit,” said the eU SMG player. “Go win or something bro. It’s been like 10 years dawg. Figured you’d have retired by now”.

MLGClayster (left) and Prestinni (center-right) have been eUnited teammates since June 2017.

Here, Prestinni is referencing the fact that Parasite has not won a major event since UMG Nashville in 2014, during Call of Duty: Ghosts. Prestinni’s last event victory came during the Infinite Warfare season, at the 2017 CWL Atlanta Open. His teammate, Clayster, has not won an event since 2015, back in Advanced Warfare. 

The two continued to exchange insults, with Prestinni even accusing Parasite of being “disrespectful to everyone in the community when you haven’t done shit” since Black Ops 2 – the game in which Parasite won his World Championship.

However, soon after this, Prestinni appeared eager to put the disagreement to bed, saying: “I didn’t give a shit until you said something on twitter about me. GGs tho dawg. Thx for the scrim”, to which Parasite replied “likewise GGs”.

Prestinni later tried to explain on Reddit that his comments weren’t all serious, and that he and Parasite remain friendly.


Commenters weren’t entirely convinced that his insults were in jest, but it looks like the trio of pro players have moved on.

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