Enable responds to 100 Thieves coaching rumors for CDL 2021

Joe Craven
Enable while playing for 100 Thieves

Call of Duty pro Ian ‘Enable’ Wyatt has denied rumors he is set to coach the 100 Thieves franchise in next year’s CDL – if they’re confirmed as a new team – as well as explaining why he doesn’t think coaching is a good fit for him. 

The Call of Duty League off season has, unsurprisingly, seen a number of roster rumors rise to the surface. Among the biggest news to come out of the off-season is the confirmation Dexerto received regarding 100 Thieves’ purchase of the Los Angeles-based CDL slot.

There have also been rumors that this will see OpTic Gaming reunite with H3CZ in Chicago, but this remains unconfirmed for the moment.

One pro who has been touted as a potential player for any 100 Thieves owned CoD team is Enable, whose first season in the CDL was spent struggling with the Seattle Surge. Struggles saw Karma retire and Enable move to the substitutes bench, but the Surge’s fortunes hardly improved.

Enable at CDL Minnesota in a Seattle Surge jumper
Enable with the Surge, during last year’s CDL Minnesota.

Enable return to 100 Thieves?

Prior to his time in Washington state, Enable was a member of the 100 Thieves roster that enjoyed considerable success in the Black Ops 4 season, winning CWL Anaheim and CWL London.

This success with Nadeshot’s organization is perhaps the fuel for the rumors he will return to coach an LA Thieves line-up, but Enable poured cold water on the possibility during a podcast with the Minnesota ROKKR’s Attach.

“I think I’m gonna have a decision [to make] really soon,” Enable said. “Which is good, because it’s obviously stressful just not knowing. One thing I will say though… I one thousand percent will tell you that I am not coaching 100 Thieves. Zero percent chance – not a coach.”

Topic starts at 1:13:50 

He finished: “I just don’t think that [coaching] is for me. You telling me I gotta f**king watch TJ rotate?”

His shots at TJHaLy shouldn’t be taken too seriously, but it seems clear that we won’t see Enable making a return to the CDL as LA Thieves’ coach in its second season.

Given his aversion to coaching in general, a playing role seems far more likely for Enable. Whether he can find his way onto a starting roster remains to be seen, but we’ll be the first to update you when there’s news on his situation.