Echo Fox’s Faccento Pulls Off Genius Strategy to Ninja Defuse vs Evil Geniuses

Calum Patterson

Echo Fox player Brice “Faccento” Faccento brilliantly executed a 1v1 strategy against Evil Geniuses’ Adam “Assault” Garcia, outplaying him to ninja defuse at the CWL Pro League.

Both Echo Fox and Evil Geniuses played twice on the first day back at the CWL Pro League for Division A, and both had won their first series of the day before going head to head.

Echo Fox took down CWL Anaheim runners-up and current favorites to win Division A, Red Reserve in the opening match, winning in game five as they look to secure top four for playoffs.

Evil Geniuses took advantage of Red Reserve’s loss to go top of the Division with a win over Epsilon next, however, their weakness in Search and Destroy continued as they won 3-1.

The two teams faced off against each other next, and it was a difficult match to call initially, with EG sitting on top of Division A, but Echo Fox had of course already beaten the favorites, Red Reserve.

Map one was a close hardpoint but Echo Fox came out on top, and with Evil Geniuses terrible S&D record recently, map two looked almost a foregone conclusion.

And after Faccento pulled off this incredibly smart ninja defuse in round two, Evil Geniuses couldn’t regain composure.

Baiting Assault with a bullet, Faccento immediately backed up down the mid-street on Saint Marie, and then perfectly timed a smoke grenade to trick Assault into believing he was holding his position. Meanwhile, Faccento hopped the bomb.

The play unsurprisingly won the Scuf play of the game, and was lauded by caster and analyst John “Revan” Boble.

“So Assault is expecting the rechallenge because he takes the first bullet in that engagement, so Assault had less health. He’s expecting a rechallenge from Faccento.

And Faccento is like ‘I’m going to back up, and because I’m backing up that opens up an opportunity if you were to push out towards the white jeep, then I’d just get mowed down.

So, he throws down the smoke, and you could see, it plays on the back of the mind of Assault, ‘is he still around this area, is he going to push through the smoke?’ – and Faccento just gets the easy defuse.”

Evil Geniuses will play their rivals for the top spot Red Reserve next, while Echo Fox take on Team Kaliber, with matches resuming on Wednesday, June 27th at 11 am PT.

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